Vicunha Spring/Summer 2013 Denim Forecast

vicunha denimHaving recently acquired a denim manufacturing facility in Argentina, and with denim  production of about 140 million mtrs pa, the Brazilian company Vicunha is now the second largest denim fabric company in the world. With such a huge production to sell , the company is still very nimble and responsive to market needs for quick productions . The company explains how it has to cater to produce fabrics to cater to three different seasons at the same time:

“Imagine being a denim or flat-woven MadridWhitelightNovoXavea_MG_0115 manufacturer having to deliver large quantities to such hyper-fashion brands as COS, H&M, Massimo Dutti and Zara, on demand “today” i.e. in the current season. Imagine delivering to companies that can often only decide in November what will be under the Christmas tree in December. Imagine already now having to satisfy highest trend expectations of such global players as Calvin Klein, DKNY, Hugo Boss and Tommy Hilfiger for “tomorrow”, i.e. the coming season. And also imagine offering these labels and hot denim brands such as Diesel and Replay the latest future styles for “the day after tomorrow”, i.e. the next but one season. This means covering three seasons at a time and providing fast and reliable large scale deliveries and optimum customer service plus technical support for a very sensitive market that reacts like a seismograph to change.”


Forecast :Spring / Summer 2013

 Vicunha_Caprice_Solara_SS13_MG_0313 Vicunha_Serano_Orwell_SS13_MG_0236

Here is a brief forecast from the company for the Spring/Summer 2013 season

  • “Plurality” is the catchphrase for the Spring/Summer 2013 season. Denims have to be equally stylish of every shade, and in the three main kinds of washes: Dark, including the authentic “rinse-wash”; middle, with the casual “used-wash”; and light, with “bleach wash,” for a naturally-faded favorite jeans look.
  • Despite all the choices, “sky blue” and “pure indigo” are the clear front-runners and are considered strong favorites this season.
  • Appearance and texture are key: high density denims
    come out on top with their clean look and soft, comfortable fit, which is of increasing importance in the men’s range.
  • Lightweight fabrics such as cotton with Tencel and
    are also highlights for jeans, currently in fashion for women’s jumpsuits, overalls and skirts. Generally, there is a strong trend towards fine, combed threads. Whether cambric or 2×1 ribs – soft, relaxed fit is key.
  • Super-stretch remains at the forefront, not only for fashionable slim fits, but also to ensure authentic design and wearability. Finely combed threads, soft threads,
    and polyamide threads ensure softness.
  •  Preferred colors: distressed light blue and beige!

 Vicunha_QuadrosTomboSS13_MG_0418 Vicunha_Serano_Orwell_SS13_MG_0298

Sustainability Mantra

At the beginning of the year, VICUNHA became the very first Brazilian company to join the BETTER COTTON INITIATIVE. Vicunha’s first priority is the sustainable, clean production of cotton. As a pioneering member of the BETTER COTTON INITIATIVE in the Brazilian market, their main priorities are sustainable, clean cotton production, environmental protection and social responsibility.

“Pricing policy is important, but not at the expense of environmental and social responsibility,” commented Thomas Dislich, CEO of VICUNHA Europe, on membership in the BCI.

The denim giant is also setting standards within the company for social standards, workplace security and environmental protection. Alongside membership in the BCI, the company has permanently invested in recycling. Polyester is produced from recycled plastic bottles and biomass instead of oils or fossil fuels; organic materials such as cashew nut shells and raw sugar pulp are used in the production processes. As a result, the company reduced their monthly carbon dioxide emissions by about 10,000 tons.

Speed to Deliver Offensive

The company is not wanting in its ability to serve different markets of the world with a speedy delivery service that ensures that clients can respond to the latest fashion changes. Vicunha has currently a market break up as :

Brazil 75%
Argentina 10%
Other America 10%
Europe 5%
It has a large warehouse in Europe to serve its clients with a quick delivery service and now the company has set its sight on the growing denim apparel region of South Asia – Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and India. The company just announced setting up of a 500,000 mtrs warehouse at Sri Lanka which will be able to deliver fabrics within 7 days of order to this region.  Thomas Dislich says :

“This strategic and very advantageous positioning makes us very flexible for the Asian market, especially for Bangladesh, one of the main production locations for Western brands and verticals. Goods can be delivered by ship less than seven days after they are ordered,” says Thomas Dislich.

For the upcoming Denim by Première Vision in Paris, from November 30th to December 1st, 2011, the Brazilian denim giant shows their “lifestyle” colors with a new stand concept, as at the previous fair. The stand’s design and atmosphere embraces the season’s moods. For more details ,contact Vicunha Europe at this email address

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