Women’s Jeans – 75th Anniversary. Ironical repeat of Denim Trend..

levis women's jeans 1934levi's women's jeans 1934

Its difficult to believe that first women’s jeans were introduced 61 years after the men had been wearing them ! . Levi’s had introduced the first men’ jeans – mainly meant for working men- in 1873 . In the Fall of 1934 , it decided to introduce the Lady’s Levi’s Jeans and forever changed the course of women fashion.

levi's women's jeans

Levi’s would have never thought that about 75 years after the introduction of women’s jeans, the denim fits, finishes  and fabric innovations would be driven by women’s needs and that the sales of women’s jeans would surpass that of men’s (in fact it was done in 2000)!  . Women’s jeanswear are currently leading the denim trends each season and it is difficult to imagine denim seasons without women’s jeans.

Another irony in this 75th year is the popularity of the Boyfriend Jeans  and Skinny Jeans trend . Despite the latest high finishing techniques for women’s jeans , today’s most popular styles – The Boyfriend and Skinny Jeans – trace their ancestory to the earliest jeans developed by Levi’s. In the early 1900s, when women had no options available for them , they used to wear the men’s jeans and the Boyfriend Jeans was a ‘Fashion by compulsion’ or due to ‘Lack of choice’.

The evolution of women`s jeans:

* Pre-1934: Women in the West began wearing their husbands` or brothers` Levi`s
501 jeans.
* 1934: The first pair of women`s jeans, Lady Levi`s, are created. Assigned lot
number 701 to distinguish them from men`s jeans (Lot 501), the original pairs
were aimed at women working on ranches and sold in several Western states. 
* 1930s and 1940s: Sales of women`s jeans begin to take off due to the growing
popularity of dude ranches. High-end department stores Best & Co. and H.
Kauffman & Sons Saddlery Company carried Levi`s jeans to meet this new demand.
Women`s jeans also switched from button-fly to zipper. 
* 1960s: Amid a tumultuous cultural revolution, denim becomes a staple in
women`s wardrobes. Jeans become a icon of rebellion that`s adopted by both men
and women. 
* 1970s: Levi`s women`s jeans range offers a variety fashion fits, including the
"full" and "straight" leg jeans, and the "jean cuffs." Flares and bell-bottoms
also become popular styles. Levi`s jeans for women are introduced for the first
time overseas. 
* 1980s: The Levi`s brand introduces the famous 501 jeans for women in 1981. The
brand introduces stonewashing to women`s jeans just two years later in 1983. 
* 2002: The premium denim trend takes off and Brands like 7 For All Mankind, True Religion,
J Brand become popular with celebrities  and a wave of premium denim fashion kicks in. Hundreds
new denim brands come on the scene.
*2009: Trends like Boyfriend Jeans, Skinny Jeans , High Waisted Jeans become popular.
Denim leggings is another trend which is picking up..

 levi's women's jeans 
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