1000 Denim Professionals Connected – First Milestone !

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We are pleased to announce that Denimsandjeans.com has reached the first milestone of 1000 subscribers . On this occasion , WE WANT TO THANK ALL OUR SUBSCRIBERS FOR BEARING WITH US 🙂 .
I think it would be in place to give some details about our subscribers  . Most of them are professionals from :

  • Denim Brands in US and Europe including large retailers .
  • Denim Mills in US, South Amercia,  Turkey, India , Pakistan , Hong Kong etc.
  • Denim garment exporting companies from Bangaldesh, Hong Kong, India, China , Vietnam , Turkey etc
  • Denim Machinery manufacturers.
  • Some research and media organizations.

What does this number of 1000 mean ?

It means that every article that we create goes (complete)  to all these people who are situated in various areas of the world and connected by the common thread of  the word ‘ Denim’ .  The increasingly higher profile of our subscribers and readers inspires us to come out with even better articles and information. We try to reach out to various parts of the denim industry worldwide and bring out interesting information for our readers. 

Need to thank more people

Denimsandjeans.com is  a free service and we will want to keep our regular report section like this . However, since running site needs financial support, we depend for the same on our sponsors/advertisers. We would like to give  ALL our advertisers a  BIG THANK YOU.  I would like to mention in particular about a couple of our advertisers :

1) American and Efird : Is one  of the world’s foremost manufacturers of sewing threads and industrial yarns, A&E’s global presence extends from Asia to Europe to the Americas. It specializes in Denim yarns with various innovative products like Perma Core® NWT , D-Core® NWT – which are used in garments made for most reputable brands.

2) Morrison Denim Systems : The famous company manufacturing Rope – Dyeing Machines which are installed in almost all the major denim mills around the world . It also manufactures Ball Warpers and Rebeamers.

What Else ?

We would also like to thank our Guest Writers who regularly bring their valued knowledge through the submission of their articles. In particular , I would like to thank Harry Mercer , Rik Vannienwenborgh and Saurabh Rai. We are fortunate to have a large number of other readers who regularly visit our site for information on denim world . These are people who love our site and regularly give us feedback to us .  Its also great to know that Google indexes our articles very well and top lists them so that  a large number of people who are looking for information on denim reach our site .

So what’s ahead

We plan to increase the quality and quantity of our reports so that we can cover more and more of the denim world . We have an ambitious target of reaching All The Denim Professionals In The World and in this we need your help . If you could send the following to your denim contacts  , it would be really nice and enable more people to know about and benefit from our site.

Denimsandjeans.com is a cool site on denim industry with regular reports , news and trends being published. You can subscribe to it FREE by entering your email address at the page which opens from this link – Click Here.”

So we once again thank all of you for Reading , Appreciating and Contributing to our site and we look forward to your continued participation. THANKS.

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