Junn J | Spring Summer 2016 Collection

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Junn J – the Korean designer – brings some quirky looks to denim with slashed denim zippers, sailor slacks, boatneck tops etc for Paris Mens Fashion Week SS16. The elegant marine meets the radical punk. Woolen clothing exposes washed denims. Zipped waistbands, razored blonde wigs and denim jackets with metal spikes are common looks for his SS’16 collection. Juun J’s decidedly modern approach to design is deeply rooted in his masterly knowledge in classic tailoring where he ...Read More

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Germany | Imports of Jeans :2010-2015

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Germany is the biggest market for jeans in Europe . With its population of 81 million it is the most populated country in EU. Given its large population and its per capita income of $44000+ p.a makes  it  a huge market for most apparel.  Germany not only imports jeans directly from around the world but also from within the EU in a big way. In the current report we will try to analyse how and from where jeans are coming into Germany since 2010. Also we will look at how the ...Read More

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Denim PV | AW16 Trends

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If we speak , belatedly (!) of two  important trend take aways from PV , it would be the variations in the existing categories of knit denim , super stretches . Both of these are not new looks and have been around for a while. However, these fabrics are undergoing transformation and refinement with better fabric characteristics . Buyers were looking for better fabric characteristics including strength, recovery , growth, compression and body shaping effects. For super stretches , buyers ...Read More

Dsquared2 Menswear Spring Summer 2016

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Young, carefree, cool; the Dsquared2 surfers of Spring/Summer 2016 are on an endless quest chasing the perfect swell. Nomads travelling the world for the ultimate ride, their knapsacks are packed with rugged pieces that take on souvenirs from their journeys — from shells and cables. Dsquared2’s surfing mavericks dress with multiple layers, tattoo printed tulle body suits underneath long baggy shorts, studded mesh tanks, oversized anoraks and straw-lined knit hats. Their drifter style is ...Read More

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Blueprint NY – A New Show

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A new denim show ‘ Blueprint’ comes up in NY. Brought out by Blueprint Denim Washhouse , the show brings brings mills like Orta, Calik, Mount Vernon, Grandtex, Eratex and some other players in the market together at NY. The show aims to reduce the scale of the trade to a more intimate level allowing visitors the time and space to review denim product thoroughly with a select group of presenters.  BLUEPRINT targets that its visitors will interact with the presenters’ denim ...Read More

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James Long Spring 2016 Collections

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 James Long conducted his 2016 Spring Summer Men’s Runway Catwalk Looks during London  Collections: Men in UK  hosted by the British Fashion Council. James Long has fast become one of the most sought after design talents in London. With a huge fan base , James Long has certainly made his mark as a designer to watch. He has now gone on to have won an award as well as glowing reviews from Style.com. Leather , print and denim are his three key ingredients in most of his ...Read More


Barcelona FC Football Team In Double Denim Designed By Replay

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Double denim has been a recurring trend for some years in 80s and 90s . However there have also been  many years of intermittent revulsion against this style specially against ugly combinations.However, this style is definitely back with various celebrities. But , what is surprising is that this trend is now permeating the sports arena as well. Recently ,  Barcelona FC  team touched down in Berlin ahead of the UEFA Champions League final in head-to-toe denim. Lionel Messi, ...Read More

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Zara Latest collection | May 2015

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Zara updates its collections so fast that often it becomes difficult to keep track of the new styles, looks and washes they come out with. However, we always make an attempt to bring to the readers the latest looks from Zara as far as frequently as possible.  In the current article there are some very cool and fresh looks from the retailers including super torn or distressed boyfriend jeans, denim tunics, trending dungarees, flame bleached looks , different patchworks, flared and ...Read More

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Vietnam Importers Of Denim Fabrics

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Vietnam is an important apparel producing country and exporting in big volumes to US , EU and other places around the world. As it gets more important sourcing destination, it gets more important for supply chain players around the world to know who are the main companies operating in this segment.  In this report we will bring out the details on the imports of denim fabrics into Vietnam from around the world.  It will specify (for a particular period)  the following: The ...Read More

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Now Touch Fabrics From Google + Levi`s

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Google  announced it is working on a new technology dubbed ‘Project Jacquard ‘  with US jean maker Levi Strauss to make clothing from specially woven fabric with touch-screen control capabilities. The new technology was revealed at its annual developers conference in San Francisco and mentioned Levi Strauss as its first partner. Project Jacquard is named after the Jacquard looms which bring out the most intricate weaves in the textile industry.  Project Jacquard is in ...Read More

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