Life Is A Playground- Play There With Denim !

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Denim is a playground where the denim artists of the world play and let loose their imaginations on this ever changing canvas of the most beautiful fabric devised. Starting as workwear , the fabric is now facing the ‘Athleisure Threat’ as many would say. But it is only in challenge that denim has thrived. Challenge continuously raises the bar for this versatile fabric and pushes the ‘Denim Players’ to jump notches above it as athletes do in a playground. The more they stretch ...Read More

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Report on Italy Denim Jeans Import 2010 -2014

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The recent economic recession noticeably affected the entire Jeans market. Almost all brands and product group sales in volume and value terms dropped . In this report, we would have a detailed  trend analysis of Denim Jeans of ITALIAN market and would also include some of the pertinent aspects of  that market including its trade quantities within EU and outside with the entire world.  We had done the analysis for the UK and the German market in the last report and this time we ...Read More

London Fashion Week SS’16 – I

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The London Fashion Week always showcases some boutique designers , from London and other cities ,who bring about their unique orientations to their collections and always worth watching. In this capsule we bring denim looks from designers including Marques’ Almeida Frayed denim seems to be the theme for Marques Almeida to bring out the elegance in in the . Floor sweeping denim overcoats underlined the focus on the draping with denims. Faustine Steinmetz Faustine Steinmetz , the ...Read More

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NY Fashion Week | Denim Looks – II

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In continuation to our previous post on the NY fashion week denim looks, here is the second part of the series.   VFiles SPRING 2016 READY-TO-WEAR Some young designers brought out fresh looks in denim to the NY fashion week . Vfiles used the patchwork concept to project that sexy look for mens denim .   Frankie B  New York Fashion Week : Designer Chadwick Bell resurrected the iconic brand Frankie B Hollywood and featured mixed collection with focus on using white ...Read More

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NY Fashion Week | Denim Looks – I

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Marc Jacobs SPRING 2016 READY-TO-WEAR NY Fashion week brings collections from some of the high end and cool designers together at one place. Many of these designers  are exuberant and  glamorous. Marc Jacobs is one such designer. This season he brought out in catholic tendencies and orientations and the effect could be seen on his collection with denim  used for flowing gowns and dresses and Victorian age looks. A fresh uptake for the denim industry !   Alexander ...Read More

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Greg Lauren Spring 2016 Collection | NY Fashion Week

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Greg Lauren masters in art of using the hand distressing techniques, pieced together jackets  , military fabrics and bringing out a deconstructed  nomadic look . He translates that look into his women’s collection for the SS’16. The indigo sentiment was standing out during the New York Fashion Week recently held  as the designer used stripe denims and patched denims to show three piece dresses, gowns, bathrobes , hats and other ensembles. The mix of denim with other fabrics ...Read More

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The G-Star RAW Autumn/Winter ’15 collection

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G-Star RAW introduces its latest women’s and men’s collection for Autumn/Winter 2015. This season G-Star created a selection inspired by archival motorcycle and military wear, made to modern fits and cut from durable materials. Puffer coats, top coats, and leather jackets create the smart dress look going along with  looking cool . G-Star introduces an updated version of the icon 5620 3D Zip Elwood inspired by the pants used in GP motorcycle racing circa 1960’s (the era of Mike ...Read More

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Report on Denim Jeans Market In France 2010-2014

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The market for denim is bit volatile in EU and the demand and supply trends show some changes over the years. However, does this scenario apply to French Republic ? The following is a detailed analysis on the total exports, imports of this market which also helps in bringing out the consumption of jeans both for Men and Women in the FRENCH REPUBLIC market .We had done the analysis for the UK and German markets in the last reports and this time we are covering  the FRENCH REPUBLIC ...Read More

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Interview With Mr Kutubuddin Ahmed | Chairman , Envoy Textiles Limited

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With over $25 billion of apparel exports , Bangladesh is home to some of the largest apparel groups worldwide . The country has witnessed a steep growth curve in the last 10 years and a large part of this can be particularly attributed to garment exports. The country is aiming to achieve $50 billion in such exports by 2021 on the strength of many of the huge apparel groups which employ hundreds of thousands of people to increasingly ship all kinds of apparel to the retailers worldwide. Many ...Read More

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AG Jeans Fall Winter 2015 Lookbook

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AG Jeans presents their 2015 Fall  Winter Women’s Lookbook. Besides the omnipresent ripped boyfriend jeans we find metallic style skinny jeans ,tie dyed print jeans, eye catching washed pairs, patent black fitted shorts and other vibrant color skinnies. The collection is very chic and precise without too much ado .. Alexa Chung for the second time joined forces with the popular brand AG Jeans, creating a new fall-winter collection 2015. Furthermore, in her latest advertising ...Read More

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