Siwy Denim Fall Winter 2015 Lookbook

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Siwy Denim Fall 2015 looks are Inspired by the rock & roll and ever-mystical qualities of Stevie Nicks,  and look to the personality, personal style &otherworldly presence of this style icon to conjure up and imagine the new season. The rich jewel-tone velvets so prominent in her ensembles, detailed rock & roll treatments overlaid with tonal contemporary appeal & loose silhouettes flowing in the ever so Stevie way. Sheer panels with a peek-a-boo unveiling and icons & ...Read More

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Denim Embroidery By Marie Sophie Lockhart

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Paris born Marie Sophie Lockhart has earned a spot in showrooms of Browns in London as well as a collaboration with 3×1 denim . And all this has been possible because she has been letting her imagination go wild with different kind of embroidered patterns over different clothing including jeans. It takes about a day to bring up one jeans with a new embroidery design. Having a tattoo artist husband does help and gives her inspiration to bring out saucy designs with retro threads. Her ...Read More


Kapital Fall Winter 2015 Collection

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Further to previous looks from Kapital for Fall’15 , the brand brings out some new looks from their stable directed at 30 something generation. Packed with signature Kapital looks, layered textures and textiles and quirky personality that the brand is known for , the  autumn assortment offered by designer Kiro Hirata has new takes on timeless classics like patchworks, classic coats, military , French workwear etc. The collection sees  Thunderbird style jackets and other 70s pieces ...Read More

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Indigo Turtles- Helping Baby Sea Turtles with their First Steps…

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   Mavi has teamed up with ORTA to protect endangered sea turtles by supporting the Ecological Research Society’s (EKAD) Indigo Turtles project.Mavi, designer of contemporary denim styles inspired by the Mediterranean spirit, and Orta Anadolu, developer of innovative denim fabrics – both from Turkey – have joined forces to unite sea turtles – also called Indigo Turtles because of their color-  with their natural habitat. The Indigo Turtles project aims to protect ...Read More

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Famous Denim Books Worldwide

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Denim is wihout doubt the most worn fabric worldwide . A number of books try to chronicle the journey of denim through over a century of development. In this report , we bring out the details of some of the coolest and most interesting denim books that are found around the world. Each of them explores different aspects of the high fashion denim industry – whether it is the indigo dyeing, manufacturing and styling, effect of and on fashion and much more   . Check out the list below ...Read More


Baldwin Fall Winter 2015 Lookbook

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Kansas City (US) based  BALDWIN brings out Holiday 2015 Look Book including premium selvage denim, knitwear, outerwear, sweaters and hoodies for the up and coming collection.Some styles  are composed of stretch selvage while an exclusive  Nolan Drawstring Pant in Heather Grey Herringbone is made from boiled . Straight pajama cut works out well in selvedges ,  green cast denim in relaxed fit adds to the looks while leather, wool and other accompaniments add to the cool ...Read More

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Frame Denim Fall Winter 2015 Lookbook

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The new Fall Winter 2015 denim collection of Frame Denim, designed by co-founders Jens Grede and Erik Torstensson, see’s them bringing a gorgeous Autumn colour palette to the table, mixing browns and creams with classic shades of denim blue which are just so inviting. The designers of Frame Denim , for their Fall Winter 2015 collection,  were intent on it being “a sportswear collection with its heart in denim for fall”. They bring out the  cinematic style of 70s , designing ...Read More


Boro: Japanese Folk Fabric

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What is Boro? Traditionally, it’s mending ragged textiles with 19th century, indigo died, hand-loomed, natural fibers such as cotton or hemp.  Boro is a Japanese word meaning “tattered rags” and it’s the term frequently used to describe lovingly patched and repaired cotton bedding and clothing, used much longer than the normal expected life cycle. Like early North American patchwork quilts, boro textiles revealed much about the Japanese family’s living standards and the ...Read More

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The 10 Biggest Clothing Companies In The US

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Apparel brands have cut across the global borders and have reached to billion of people across the world. From fashion to sports to casual wear, these apparel brands have a huge brand equity. Here is a list of the top 10 apparel companies in the USA in 2014. The list has been determined using net revenue as a parameter. THE 10 BIGGEST U.S. APPAREL COMPANIES 2014 Rank Name of Company Annual Revenue (In Billion) 1 Nike $30.60 2 Ralph Lauren $7.60 3 Old ...Read More

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Levi’s Tries To Survive In Yoga Era

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The athleisure trend has been very strong for last few years and is confounding  pundits who were considering it to be just a fad . Yoga has been one of the main components of the increasing affinity to activewear and is affecting clothing lines tremendously. The denim industry is definitely influenced by this trend as sales of jeans –particularly women- were strongly affected specially in US where they fell about 8% last year as per NPD group figures. Companies like Levi’s have been ...Read More

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