A small beginning of this denim blog

Hi All,

Just want to make a small beginning on writing a denim blog.

Why Denim ? Because I spent a long time -over 13 years- in the  denim industry. And though am no more a regular denim professional, but can’t just take denim out of my DNA..

Better to take out some Denim Genes(Jeans?) and post on this blog.. Hope you enjoy them.

So keep watching…

Sandeep Agarwal

  1. Hey, Sandeep,

    I am a student in H.R. College, Mumbai. I was currently doing a project on The Denim Industry. And I don’t think i can find any better person than you to help me in my project. I currently have very less information on the “Denim Industry” Is there any way you can help me. Please get back to me. I need a guide for my project who will help me throughout my project. Please e-mail me on the above said address. Hope to receive a positive reply.

    Thanking You,
    Tarun Agarwal

  2. hi Sandeep

    I really want to say thank you for I learning many many things about denim in your blog! By the way, I tried to find an answer in website and go into your blog, My question is, what the ARS is? I know RS is ring spun, but I got a sample from Cone Mills, it says ARS X ARS, is it possible to let me know! Appreciate!!

    All the best


  3. Sandeep your knowleghe about denim is for sure complete that I can confirm to you after our years coorperation.It is for me a very welcome information.I can use it for my TEXTILE consulting job spread over a big part of the world and specific asian part.I will for sure use this site frequently.Keep on like this and I look forward to see or to hear from you soon .

    All the best


  4. Thank you!

    You are a source of inspiration!

    Great blog, you mix facts and thoughts in a very intriguing way

    Best / Carl

  5. Sandeep the blog rocks the genes out :)0

    Really Creditable Jean’ome’ Blog..
    Thankz for sharing and updating!!!!!!!………

    — R.Albert

  6. Wow Sandeep, what an amazing blog. I had an interview recently with a company who makes jeans and I couldn’t believe my luck when I found your informative blog, I’m going to learn a lot and if I get the job it will be extremely helpful. Keep up the good work! Thanks, MME

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