Search Denim jobs,brands,buyers,blog and forum posts etc

What do you do when :

a)You need to find about Denim brands or
b)You need to find Denim buyers to sell your fabric and garments or
c)You need to study about the Trends in Denim or
d)You need a job related to Denim in(say) New York or Delhi or
e)You have any other denim related queries..
f)You need to buy a particular style of a jeans brand but do not know where to buy from.

Well, for me, I used to go to Google and hope to find some answer. Or I would to visit some denim forums or blogs and try to search them individually. By the time I would find any answer, I would be totally exhausted and probably give up many times..

As I earlier mentioned, it seems to be much easier to SEARCH ANYTHING ON DENIM ..
Just visit the at Denim Search Engine . I use it regularly for searching various denim related articles and I thought it might come in handy to others as well..This engine SEARCHES ONLY DENIM RELATED WEBPAGES

How do I use this Search Engine ?

a)To find which Denim Brands(well known) has created Color Jeans,I would just
make a search ‘Color’ and click on ‘DENIM BRANDS’ label in the search results
and I would know that the brands that have come out with color denims.

b)If I need to find a job in New York for a denim designer, I would just search ‘NewYork Designer’ and in the search result, I would CLICK on ‘DENIM JOBS’ label and instantly get this list of denim jobs in USA.
c)Buyers –Since nobody employed me 🙂 , I decided to export some denims to USA and searched ‘USA’ and in the search results, I clicked on ‘DENIM BUYERS’ and I found a long list of buyers (on various sites) who had current enquiries on denim.
d)Recent articles : I sometimes need to know what kind of posts people are making about various brand names. But it is difficult to find in reverse order – the date of posts . Now, suppose in this engine, I search for ‘DVB’..In the search results, I click on ‘RECENT4) and I get the latest posts related to DVB brand. It kind of enables one to keep track of what people are saying about your brand.Also I can check out if some top news sites have made a mention regarding DVB and I click on the label ‘TOP NEWS SITES’ and I find that Reuters had a news item on them recently.
e)Denim Blogs : It is interesting to search any term and then click on ‘DENIM BLOGS’ label in the search results. It gives an idea what top denim bloggers (including myself 🙂 ) think about that search term..No need now to search all these different blogs to find any relevant articles.

Now the Denim Search Engine Search box is available right here on our site. On the right panel, you willl see the search box . Just make any search on Denim and use the Labels like ‘Denim Blogs’, ‘Buy Jeans’ etc to refine the results.

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