Dirty Denim – A Look Into L.A Denim Business

The wave of upscale jeans started in 2003 when a large number of national and international players descended upon Los Angeles and it became the centre of the denim growth story and  home to master denim technicians .

Here is a series of some very interesting videos on the denim business – “Dirty Denim”- in L.A. The documentary created by Douglas Keeve is web exclusive and runs in 4 parts .Why the documentary has been named Dirty denim ? – Probably because of the stealing and cutthroat activities of many denim brands.

Dirty Denim – First Episode

In the first episode, we hear from top denim designers and technicians including Jeff Rudes(J Brand), Mik Serfontaine(Serfontaine), Gavin and Drew Foster(Chip & Pepper), Peter Kim(Hudson Jeans) and more…

It is interesting to see that how serious or dirty the denim business is . Gavin and Drew Foster(the twin brothers at Chip & Pepper) mention that  they foresaw the premium denim wave coming and just plunged into it creating a multi million dollar business.

Dirty Denim – Episode 1 Video

Dirty Denim – Episode 2

The second episode is quite interesting too. It shows the importance of the washing process in the creation of premium denim or any denim for that matter.
And hitting the nail on its head, Chip & Pepper brothers  say–“ You can get the best denim in the world , but if you don’t have the right guy that knows what he is doing, he will f… it up”. Its a very interesting to watch the passion that the denim manufacturers put into their production. It is also clear that the manufacturers have to be on their toes all the time getting the right washes, creating new looks to beat the competition.

Dirty Denim Episode 2 Video


In the next post , the other two videos in the series will be posted and we will come to know why denim is dirty ?

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