‘Denim’,’Premium Denim’ search trend on Google

Google Trends is a very interesting service from Google which enables us to find what is the trend for search on particular keywords.
I checked the trends for search on two keywords – Denim and Premium Denim..
The results are interesting:

1)Search trend for ‘Denim’:

a)The search volume for the keyword ‘Denim’ is almost the same since 2004. However, it peaked in the
year 2005 (when Denim was on a high).
b)The country from where the highest search for ‘Denim’ originated was , understandably, USA.
But it was surprising to see Australia coming at number 2 position in ALL TIME Search for ‘Denim’.
Wow, I did’nt realize that Australians were so fond of Denims.
2)Search Trend for ‘Premium Denim’

a)Before the year 2007 , there was hardly any volume of search for ‘Premium Denim’. Though the Premium Denim trend had started in 2004 or before, the general public really got sucked in the trend as late as 2007 only.Hence we can also see a large number of new Premium Denim labels spring up in the last 2 years..
b)Again, its the USA which tops the list for the search.However,the second place is taken by CANADA . No doubt, we can see a lot of Canadian Premium Labels springing up !! .. Austalia is again third indicating its strong affiliation to Denim..

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