Imports of Japanese Denim into EU from 1999-2006

Lets have a look at the import figures of Japanese denim into EU over a period of 7 years from 1999 to 2006

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YEAR Import Value(Million Euros) Quantity(100 kgs) Value/Kg (Euros)
1999 9.96 9895 10.06
2000 5.19 4847 10.72
2001 2.80 2504 11.19
2002 3.56 4637 7.68
2003 5.66 6035 9.38
2004 14.37 15811 9.09
2005 14.49 14357 10.09
2006 8.98 9120 9.85

     TOTAL IMPORT  : About USD 65 million
over 7 years

Source : Eurostat       


Now what are the trends that we notice?

Years 1999 to 2001 : the exports from Japan fell continously.
Years 2002 and 2003: the exports increased at a good rate.
Years 2004 : exports increased exponentially.
Year 2005 : maintained the sales of 2004
Year 2006 : again witnessed a fall in exports

The hype for the Japanese denim started to surface in 2003 -2004 when Premium denim labels were starting to become a craze in the US and it EU. Japanese denim became a byword for many of these labels. Hence we see a great surge in the exports from Japan.
However, in 2006, the downtrend has begun and it remains to be seen whether it continues in 2007 also. The figures of the growth of Premium denim labels market in the US and EU seems to growing at a slower pace in 2006 than in 2005 and hence it is affecting the market.

Also, an important fact is that the Japanese labels are themselves becoming stronger and consuming more denim locally. Brands like Evisu, have developed a large fan following in the US and EU and hence more of Jeans made from these denims is being exported to these countries.

Prices: The prices are given in Euros/kg and look to be more or less stable over a 7 year period except in 2002 when they were at their lowest. However, a better picture may emerge when we see the prices in Euros/mtr (we shall be providing that shortly).

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