Indigo 2012–Internationl Denim Industry Growth Oppurtunities

Denim Club India presents InDIGO 2012 :: First Ever International Denim Business Exhibition on 30-31 August, 2012 at Expocentre, NOIDA

International Denim Industry Growth Opportunities (InDIGO 2012) is the first-ever indigenous event , with a specific focus on the denim industry, to be held in India and being organised by Denim Club India. The first edition, will be taking place on 30th and 31st August, 2012, at International Expocentre, Sector 62, NOIDA, India.
The  initiative by Denim Club India brings up a two day comprehensive event, which will include an international denim conference concurrent to a business exhibition, and first-ever denim excellence awards. InDIGO 2012 is being organized with the objective of helping meet the needs of the fast-growing denim  industry and a rapidly evolving and expanding denim-wear market, in Asian Subcontinent, and enabling stakeholders in the entire denim eco-system in converging on a single platform for networking, exchange of ideas, sharing of current experiences, showcase latest innovations, products and developing a vision for the future.
The event will attempt to cover the entire denim value chain, and will witness international participation. It will offer a platform for companies to spread awareness about design & development; emerging technologies and applications; and eco-friendly garment washing, paving the path for manufacturing greener denim as well as smarter denim apparel.
The business expo will include a focused buyer-seller meet section, enabling the businesses to reap the benefits from the presence of serious and genuine decision makers from denim industry.

Exhibition at InDIGO 2012

The event offers an opportunity to show-case latest innovations, products and technology, for the denim industry segment leaders, to a very large number of professionals, buyers and decision makers from the denim industry.

While covering all the segments of denim value chain, from fiber to finished goods, it will provide an opportunity to all stakeholders from denim supply chain, from across the globe, to come together under one roof and meet and interact with each other in an informal and congenial environment.

Following mills are reported to be participating in the exhibition : Oswal Denims, Modern Denim, LNJ Denim, Nandan Exim, Suryalakshmi and Vinod Denim, from India, and Hantex, Mekotex, Naveena, Pak Denim, and S. M. Group from Pakistan. The exhibition will also feature A. T. E. Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., A, Ganapathi Chettiar, Bureau Veritas, Carpenter Jeans, Dystar, Intex Consulting Group, Mehala Machines India Ltd., Music of Twills by Neelima, Pack Impex, Timeless Fashion in Handloom Denim by Preetha and Turel Group representing different segments of the denim value chain.
Denim Conference at InDIGO 2012
The conference at InDIGO 2012, spanning over two days, will focus on innovation, capacity building, sustainability and growth opportunities in denim. It will witness a galaxy of eminent industrialists, learned professionals and technicians sharing their deep insight and wealth of knowledge with the participants, by way of interactive panel discussions and / or presentations, covering a wide range of subject lines relating to the Indian and international scenario in denim industry.
The theme of the InDIGO 2012 conference, as the name itself suggests, is “International Denim Industry – Growth Opportunities”. The idea behind is to explore and evaluate the opportunities, that are emerging, in the South Asian region, for collaborative working, technology exchange, expertise sharing, among the industry segment leaders. The theme session will highlight the key areas and respective strengths of individual players, and propose solutions which will guide the process of internationalization of denim industry in this region.
One major area of concern, in the context of Indian denim industry, is that the recent quantitative growth needs to be matched with qualitative evolution of the industry. The industry has to identify, understand and implement strategies and solutions to become globally competitive. The session titled “Indian Denim Industry – Growth & Evolution” will address these issues and concerns.
The conference will also take a close look at the innovations in denim, leading to constant evolution of the fabric of the people and for the people. In the recent years, a lot has happened in terms of improvement in quality and durability of fabric, along with the introduction of stretch denim, and  wide range of blends which have redefined denim. The session “Innovations in Denim – The Road Ahead” will attempt to review the past and peek at the denim of the future.
In today’s world, it is not possible to talk about denim and stay away from environmental pollution. The trend in denim fashion is turning more and more towards ecological concerns. Lower impact on the environment implies more style! The new must in production of denim is attention to sustainability not only of processes but also adapting eco-friendly technologies and fabrics. Saving of water and energy, use of fewer chemicals and less pollution of water bodies are becoming the integral symbols of a conscious style. “Denim Goes Green” is dedicated to a discussion on an environment friendly approach for the various segments of the denim industry.
Another very critical, though not so visible, dimension of the business of denim is about meeting quality standards, proper product testing and compliance. The manufacturers need to understand, very clearly, the possible defects and how to avoid them, so as to avoid rejections and losses. It is of critical importance to be familiar with the large variety of tests and certifications, sought in the international market and be prepared to deliver the same to continue to sell. Moreover, compliance related issues are gaining more and more importance, and proper knowledge of these will become essential for a company to remain in business. The session “Product Testing & Compliance – Doing It Right” will turn the spot-light to matters related to quality, testing and compliance.
Denim jeans make up one of the most fragmented, but also one of the most lucrative sectors of the apparel industry, with products aimed at men, women, teens and children. In the competitive era, retailers and brands alike are looking at new ways to grow business and enhance customer loyalty. With the internet serving as an important tool for both purchasing and researching apparel online shopping or e-tailing is also becoming increasingly popular. The discussion in the session “Finding Growth in Retail Market” will focus on how to seize the current challenges in order to be a future winner.
Who should attend InDIGO 2012
The exhibition and conference at InDIGO 2012 will be  useful and beneficial for all decision makers & professionals involved in the denim supply chain.

  • Manufacturing / Trading / Export / Import of Denim Fabric.
  • Manufacturing / Trading / Export / Import of Fibre / Yarn Used for Denim  Denim Garment Manufacturing / Trading
  • Buying Houses • Design Houses • Export Houses
  • Merchandising / Trading / Sourcing Companies
  • Manufacturing of Trims, Accessories & Consumables
  • Manufacturing of Dye-stuff, Chemicals & Enzymes
  • Washing & Laundry Services
  • Garment Manufacturing Machinery / Equipment Manufacturing / Trading.
  • Laundry & Washing Equipment Manufacturing
  • Product Testing, Certifications & Compliance
  • Testing Lab Equipment Manufacturing / Trading
  • Retail & Branding
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Distributors & Agents of Denim Garments

The event will be useful  for all the faculty members and students at Textile, Fashion, Apparel, Design, Retail Institutes.
Participation in the conference and exhibition is free. However, pre-registration is necessary for participating in the conference as a delegate and for visiting the exhibition.
Pre-registration for the event can be done online, on the event portal at  Denim Expo shall also be participating in the event and i shall be there at the exhibition . Anyone wanting to meet can mail me at this email address.

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