Denim Seminar At Mexico : Nov 2012

A seminar on denim  titled “Improved Denim Manufacturing” will be held in the city of  Leon, MEXICO on November 13th and 14th (2012)  It will be a two day seminar where various aspects , particularly technical aspects, of denim fabric and jeans manufacturing will be discussed . Some of the topics to be discussed are:

  • From Fiber to jeans
  • Sulphur Dyeing and Indigo Dyeing.
  • Denim Finishing
  • Solving problems in Jeans Manufacturing.
  • Denim for the 21st century
  • Fabric Management for cutting.
  • Future of denim – blue vs green

The panel speakers will include senior executives from denim companies, denim professionals, representatives of college of Textiles, North Carolina Univ. and others. Attendees will include representatives from denim mills, jeans manfuacturers and others in the denim supply chain.

For more details on the conference , contact Miguel Angel Andreu at this email address

Denim Seminar Mexico

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