Munich Fabric Start – Denim Fair from 1st to 3rd September 2009

For those wishing to be in constant touch with the latest denim fabric trends , Munich Fabric Start is one of the important fairs where denim mills from around the world shall be displaying their latest products. The Munich Fabric Start is a bi-annual fair with the last fair held on 3rd Feb 2009.

When and where  is the show ?

The show shall be starting on the 1st Spetember through 3rd September at Munich ,Germany.

Which Denim Mills are expected to participate  in the show ?

The  core group comprises of Denim Mills like Hellenic Fabrics (Greece), Ortaanadolu(Turkey),Italdenim(Italy),KuraboDenim (Japan) ,Raymond UCO Denim (India), Kuroki (Japan)  etc .
Some new mills are expected to participate this time including  Rainbow Denim (India) , Kassim Textiles (Pakistan) , Swift (France) etc..

What is the denim trend motto this time ?

The bluezone is oriented towards the motto “Sonic Youth”. This trend theme stands for an anti-establishment movement and the individual lifestyle of a rebelling youth ready to fight for its ideologies – whatever it means !
WSGN – a leading fashion and style forecaster will present the denim trends in the forum area..

Some highlights of the last fair in Feb’09

  1. Last time around, about 59 denim mills, washing plants and finishers participated in the the denim zone – The Blue Zone – exhibited their fabric collections and new finishes.  In the last show, an interesting highlight was the presentation of  over 16 styles of  jeans and tops  of Xfit lycra created by the students of the University of Hanover under the auspices of the Bogner Jeans .
  2. Denim fabric trends : Bleached ocean blue ranging from light blue to almost white, bold destroyed effects, fabrics in washed medium colours, arty and moon-washed fabrics, coloured and washed-out denims, striking graphics, colourful prints, raw denim,
    but dark, denim shirts, glitter effects.
  3. Download the report on the denim zone – the Blue Zone – here
  4. Some denim related photographs from the last Munich Start Fair
    Denim trend
    munich fair denim

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