Widgets for Denims and Jeans.com

Do you want to see the content from Denimsandjeans.com at another place – say your website or blog.
It would be very easy to do it now. Here are some widgets which you can use to see live content from our site .
1. Panoramic Slideshow: With this widget, you can easily see all the photos on our site in a slideshow. See the widget here . Just click on ‘Grab Widget’ at the bottom to get the code for this widget. Just paste this widget on any site/blog and see the photos from our site alongwith the titles of the posts where they are posted.

This widget can also be seen on the sidebar (right bottom of this site).

2. Tag Cloud Widget: The tag clouds from our site can be seen on this widget. A click on any tag would take you to posts related to that tag.

3.Feed Content: Want to be updated on the new posts that come on our site. Just grab this widget and put it on your blog/site.

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