Can 5 Cents Make A Difference To The Looks and Value Of Denim Jeans ?

There are various material and process inputs that go into the making of a denim jeans – fabric , cutting and sewing , washing , adding embellishments etc . Each of these adds up a good amount of money to bring out the production cost of the jeans. Then there is packing , transportation , duties , retailing cost and so on………….

How do 5 –15 cents look like in this whole costing process ? Not much I guess . But spend correctly , they can cause a difference in the look of the jeans – even giving it a premium look .  And what if you come to know that many of the established  denim brands like 7 for All Mankind  , Gap  , Jones Apparel etc are also using this as one of the techniques to give their garments that premium look ?

Well, we are talking here about the pocketing in the jeans . This is one of the boring areas of the jeans which not many manufacturers or , for that matter, even consumers bother to pay much attention . But , premium brands are paying attention and they are giving that designed or vintage  look to the pockets in their jeans .  The idea behind this is that when you are talking premium , every part of the jeans has to speak that language and plain cream colored  pockets do not speak that language.  The pockets could be given vintage look , or a washed look to match the wash down look of the jeans or it may even have the logo printed – appearing at the same spot in all jeans !

And the advantages do not end at that .

What happens when a customer is looking at about a 100 odd jeans in a shop and needs to decide which one to pick up first to see ?
Lets say , one of the  jeans has that special pocketing and inner waist band with mulitcolored washed down stripes . The chances are good that this jeans will catch the eyes of the customer – raising the possibility of sale.

DSC05703I was enlightened on this aspect of importance of pocketing fabrics when I met Barry Emanuel of Copen at Kingpins New York. He showed me the various and very interesting pocketing materials they are manufacturing and supplying to almost all top denim  brands in US.  Many of these fabrics could wash down and match the washed look of the denim jeans . Some of them had logos of the company specially printed at a particular spot or even others had two different types of  colored pockets.

DSC05698 DSC05704

Here is also a small video which shows the washed blankets made from these fabrics and views from Barry Emanuel.

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