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Inspired by artisanal tradition in Italy, Officina+39 is an innovative chemical company based in Biella-Italy. Inspired by artisanal tradition, it has a thirty-year+ experience dedicated to research and chemical application in textile sector. Officina+39 specially focuses on developing  and executing new and sustainable ideas for denim and  garment dyeing industry.

Officina means workshop in Italian, but also means passion, innovation,sustainable practices, clean information,transparency and social responsibility. They will present their latest developments at Denimsandjeans India at Bangalore on July 17-18.

Respect and commitment become an ethical mind set

Officina+39 says its practices include use of less hazardous chemicals, minimizing the impact of surrounding environment , recycling waste, reducing power usage and water conservation.That’s why  TRUSTAINABLE™ has been created.  TRUSTAINABLE™, as per them , is an ethical mindset.


Officina+39 @ Denimsandjeans India

NEBUDYE is a combination of an innovative process with a selected dyestuffs, to obtain original vintage dyeing look. Officina says emphatically :

” NEBUDYE represent the first NO-WATER VINTAGE Dyeing Process in the world using the nebulization systems.Until now, with the nebulization systems, only uneven looks were possible (those similar to the cold pigment dyeing CPD). But now NEBUDYE is opening a new sustainable frontier in the garments dyeing technologies. NEBUDYE guarantee a perfect penetration onto the garments, giving an incredible levelled old look. The future is now. The future in garment dyeing is NEBUDYE. “

Officina+39 @ Denimsandjeans India


Officina+39 @ Denimsandjeans India

SMART BLEACH , Officina says , is an innovative bleaching technology for Nebulization system.This innovative technology is specially designed to replace the conventional chlorine (or potassium permanganate) used for denim bleaching in washing machine. Applying SMART BLEACH with Nebulization system is possible to bleach indigo denim, and black denim as well, reducing 90% water consumption.SMART BLEACH can be applied in combination with NOVASTONE NEBU, a new enzyme certified by NovozymesDeniSafe®, a certification for the safe use of enzymes in new low-water washing machines using mist technology. SMART BLEACH also can be neutralized using a new biodegradable neutralizer REDUCER KM ECO, that replace the conventional ones.

Officina+39 will be showcasing results of these and many other of their products at the show . Those who have still not registered may do so at

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