Sustainable Interplay – Next Virtual Event By Denimsandjeans

Post the success of the 2nd edition of Denimsandjeans Virtual Show concluded on October 15, Denimsandjeans announced another virtual event themed- SUSTAINABLE INTERPLAY.

This exclusive virtual event is going to be a limited 7 hour show on NOV 23rd, 2020 – where over 40 exhibitors from around the globe present their Sustainable Collection. The show focuses only on the sustainable collection for the ongoing season.

Through SUSTAINABLE INTERPLAY, the focus would be on Sustainability and Sustainable Practices. The event would also like to put an emphasis on the fact that Sustainability is not only suppliers’ responsibility but also that of buyers’ in the entire supply chain and its only with mutual co-operation and support can we create best products and processes to help mother earth and our coming generations.

As per the organizers, the event would be a completely SUSTAINABLE event where sustainable means are being used to display sustainable materials to buyers who are looking to create sustainable offerings for consumers. Hence the whole focus of this show would be sustainability and its interplay.

Companies like Jeanologia, Nearchimica, Sharabati Denim, Iskur Denim, LNJ Denim, Indigo Textile, Naveen Denim Limited, Ribbontex, Deridesen, Interloop, BCT Denim, Atlas, Archroma, Artistic Fabric Mills, Ramsons, Rajby Textile, Elasten , JDS, Fashion Accessories, and Soorty have confirmed so far and some more companies are expected to confirm within this week.

The show shall take place on Nov 23 from 11 am CET to 6 PM CET and will be for one day only. If you are not registered already, please register at to get your unique invite code.

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