New Denim Data Sections Launched

We are happy and proud to announce the public launch of  new data sections related to denim industry. These sections provide various kinds of information and data related to denim industry worldwide.
To explain better, we have first created a video below from these sections which you can see here and then I can explain what these sections are about ..

Denim Buyers in USA and Shippers Worldwide

This section gives micro information on the shipments made related to denim products from around the world to US . Thus it would be possible to find out which companies in US are buying what denim products from which factories and suppliers around the world  . The contacts of buyers and suppliers both would be visible so that the members can benefit from their availability. 
Since the data is searchable, it would be possible to see , eg , which are the important suppliers from ‘Vietnam’ to US or to find the companies in US and around which are buying denim products from China.. 
We have created the databases since the period starting 2008 mid.


shipper and buyers

Macro Data on Imports into US and EU

  • Want to find out how much were exports of Jeans from Bangladesh to EU in 2005
  • or from China to US in 2011 .
  • Check this section to know which countries are becoming important suppliers of denim products to these regions. Also find their average export prices and volumes etc.




The data shows shipments made from 2000 to the latest available period and is helpful in sourcing and management decisions.

India Denim Fabric Exports

Our third section deals with checking out the prices and volumes of shipments made by Indian denim mills to countries around the world .. Thus it would be possible to have an idea of fabric prices and trends for shipments made from India . Also, it would be interesting to find the countries where more Indian fabric is being shipped. But , no mills or buyer names would be available in these reports and these would be more of macro reports of statistical nature.


Besides the above three, we also have a denim buyer section where buyers of jeans and denim products from some countries are listed.

The above sections are constantly updated enabling our subscribers to get new info on a regular basis. To get more info on these sections including pricing etc, contact us here

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