Export of W/G Jeans from India to EU 2000 to 2006

I have previously given the figures of the exports of M/B Denim trousers from India into EU.
Now, the figures for Women/Girls Cotton Denim Trousers are given below.
These figures clearly show some trends and we can have a look at them


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YEAR Units Exported Value in Euros Price/Jeans (Euros)
2000 563592 4478589 7.9
2001 1351961 9467001 7
2002 1915561 14016407 7.3
2003 1215116 9451086 7.7
2004 802137 5211775 6.4
2005 3037462 15975346 5.2
2006 2894183 17257882 5.9

From the above we can see some trends clearly.
1. Pre 2005 year(quota period) - the prices were much better than post quota.
2.Post 2005 - the volumes have jumped up substantially - but only in 2005.
3.2006 has been a stagnant year in terms of growth in exports. Though the prices have improved in 2006 - which maybe partly due to usage of better quality of fabrics in the Trousers as the basic denims are not much in demand.

Lesson for Indian exporters : The opening of quota has made things more competitive and the exporters have to compete with countries like Bangladesh, Vietnam etc and the prices will not be so easy to achieve as that in the quota period.

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