‘Kato’ – Original Denim from Japan

I just do not seem to be stopping to write about Japanese denim. There actually is so much to learn from them that it feels great to write about them.
Kato’ is a brand from Japan which is making special Natural Jeans. Their Jeans are made from Zimbabwe Cotton and are dyed by the ‘Hank System’ in natural indigo . This is the oldest system of dyeing cotton in Indigo in which the yarn spends one day in dyeing to the core and another day is spent hanging in a steam room.. The Denim is then woven on 32″ slow shuttle looms ..The jeans are hand riveted and details hand stitched..
All these slow processes add up to the cost a lot . However, Connoiseur items are not made easily and by everyone and are also not affordable by everybody (prices in range about USD 300)..
ANd the looks are COOL…..Kato Denim

By the way, pertinent to mention that Hiroshi Kato of ‘Kato’ also designed some selvedge denim for Arvind in India..

  1. hello,

    I was wondering where you get your infomation from?

    Sundeep, please contact me , I think I may be able to help you get better infomation on KATO’ denim

    Neil Christopher

  2. hello

    just read in ‘senken shimbun’ that Kato (team kit) has been sold to CaiTec a large trading company who have a history of breaking up small companies and ‘franchising’ the name off into the mass market

    has anyone else heard this?

  3. I need quote of 1000 unit. jeans for women.
    Francisco Briceño Zuazo
    Santiago – Chile

  4. hi,I have had a pair of kato jeans and worn them to death.Desparate to buy more do you know of any
    stockists in the united kingdom….please paul

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