Which Item Of Clothing Is Hardest To Buy Online ?

7 For all Mankind Europe recently conducted a survey in UK with about 1000 people and asked them

Which item of clothing is most difficult to buy online ?

Being a FREE TEXT survey ie not with suggested answers, the consumers had no options to select from .  And ,still –

29.5% Replied ————-Jeans

So about a third of the respondents felt that  Jeans was the most difficult clothing item to purchase online. Jeans was followed by other products like Shoes and Footwear, Boxers & Knickers ,  Dresses etc  in their respective level of  difficult of purchase. See the chart below :


About 31% women found it more difficult to purchase jeans online as compared to about 29% men – and understandably so. Women , worldwide , are very particular when it comes to fits and Fit is one aspect which cannot be analyzed online. Though the actual percentages might differ from region to region, the preference to check fit and feel is important for women. However, with online sales becoming more and more important , the retailers have to find ways to satisfy their consumers on their areas of concern.
Some myths also seem to have been busted in this survey by 7 FAM Europe . While it is also believed that women find it difficult to buy Bras online, it did not reflect in the survey where only about 2.5% women felt so .

Here is a cool infographic by 7 FAM on their survey , giving many more details on the survey , including the regional trends and some interesting feedbacks.

7 for all mankind Survey for clothing items purchase online

Thanks to 7 FAM team for sharing the survey with us.

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