3 The Most Visible Trends For Denim In 2020- Daria Martelli , Head of Men’s Design at Pepe

Daria Martelli, Head of Menswear Design- Pepe Jeans, with more than 15 years of experience working for international brands, spoke to Sandeep Agarwal about the most visible trends during 2020 – at the 2nd edition of Denimsandjeans Virtual Show concluded on October 15. We bring some excerpts from her talk . The full talk can be seen in a video here .


Post-Pandemic, consumers’ habits witnessed a paradigm shift due to various reasons including shopping priorities and disposal income constraints. The consumer now prefers to buy products that ensure Protection with comfort, also the trends that align with the trees of humanity, the planet’s crisis, also will have durability and serve multi-purpose are going to rule. Hygiene and Fiber Innovations are going to play a big role now.

Daria believes that there will be a change in styling , it’s going to be more about evolution that it goes in hand with the feeling of people as a consumer but also at the end with innovation to make a more sustainable production process. Further, she asserted that coming next months and years are gonna see more a combination of innovation and protection in trends.

While discussing what type of clothing would be considered Multi-Purpose clothing according to such trends, Daria said that it can be wearable for the time that you spend at home and also fit perfectly when you go out. Basically, it should be clothing for different occasions and should support the consumer’s feelings and priorities. This trend is going to be strong in 2021 as well.

Implementation of new developments

New developments and directions are not so easy to implement in the supply chain and specifically when we are working in a digital way with the supply chain. While discussing this, Daria said that there’s a stronger connection between design and the supply chain.

Daria Martelli – Head Design- Pepe Jeans

Before it was a linear communication between what designer had in mind and then it was kind of a like a problem of suppliers to find a way to make that design a product.

Now I think there is a strong connection between both and most of the time now the design comes from an idea and innovation that they have to supply despite the design.

Daria also believes that digitalization is taking an important role and it will be more crucial going forward. So digitalization is helping brands, designers, and the supply chain to make a new way to work on products and a new collection. Digitalization is a tool that can help us to go through this transformation. Do visit this link to get to hear her complete views in a video talk.

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