French Denim Outlook For 2021 – A Talk With Caroline Bonnet @ Denimsandjeans Virtual

Caroline Bonnet – Ex Category Manager of Celio with over 15 years of rich experience in this market , shared her views on the denim outlook for 2021. Here are some important points she made during her discussion with Sandeep Agarwal

Recovery Hopes For France In 2021

  1. The market will not be recovered completely until the 1st Quarter of 2022.
  2. Most of the retailers got loads of old stock to sell piled up into their inventory due to global lockdown. Now they have to do a lot of promotion to clean up their warehouse in 2021.
  3. If the COVID crisis ends by the mid of 2021, there will be a good recovery and the market will be recovered by 2022.

The Overall Fall In Clothing Sales, More Than 50% In France?

  1. For the denim sales, the figure is quite good, the denim sales per se witnessed a fall of 30%, better than other clothing.
  2. March and April are not peak months for shopping, one of the reasons for reasonably lesser fall than others in France. Sales are quite high in the months of September, October, November, December, and January.

Major Denim Styles to prevail in the French Market in 2021

  1. Slim, Skinny , loose and carrot fit
  2. Since most of the people are working from home, Loungewear and comfort wear are going to be in trends.

Any Changes in Fibre Composition in upcoming season?

  1. Fibre which has less impact on the environment is being preferred by leading brands.
  2. Comfort strech and Polyster recycle
  3. Natural fibre and biodegradable fibre

Views on Near-shoring

  1. Near-shoring will increase by 30-40%

E-commerce in France

  1. In 2019, e-commerce contributed only 5% of total sales before Covid.
  2. Now, it is 10% and expected to increase more.
  3. Store rents in France is very high, so to maintain its cash flow , many retailers are expected to close some of the stores and push the sale via e-commerce.
  4. The story telling at the store can be replaced from store to online channels.

Market Outlook 2021

  1. The midsegment market going to suffer however, the low segment and premium segment is going to grow.
  2. The second-hand clothing market is going to evolve.
  3. Denim business will grow but not as we have been expecting.

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