Mujeebullah Khan, CEO iTextiles® Talks With Denimsandjeans

iTextiles® is a multi-disciplinary textile solutions company that creates, manages and innovates the entire value chain in performance textiles. Started in 2006 as a trading concern for fibers, the company has rapidly evolved to become a leading value chain manager in the region, supplying raw material to and representing some of the biggest international companies and their brands. We welcome them as our exhibitor in 6th edition of Denimsandjeans Vietnam show on June 26-27. We had a word with Mr. Mujeeb regarding their latest innovations.

iTextiles® is a company operating in multiple products and regions. Can you tell us more about your company? 

iTextiles® is a dynamic player in the textile industry, offering a diverse range of solutions across multiple products and regions. Established in 2006 initially as a trading concern for fibers, our company has rapidly evolved into a leading value chain manager in the region.

Today, iTextiles® stands as a trusted partner representing some of the industry’s biggest names, including INVISTA®, The LYCRA Company, Eastman, Earth Protex, The Flax Company, IFF, Lanxess, Mitsui, DSM and many more. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, we manage the entire value chain in performance textiles, ensuring quality raw materials for our partners.

Recently, iTextiles® has achieved significant milestones by obtaining GRS (Global Recycled Standard) and RCS (Recycled Claim Standard) certifications. These certifications underscore our dedication to sustainability and responsible sourcing practices, further enhancing our credibility in the industry.

Our integrated approach incorporates research and development, testing, market generation, sourcing, branding, manufacturing, and sales. This holistic strategy enables us to provide tailored solutions for every textile need, whether in fashion, workwear, military, or home textiles.

At iTextiles®, sustainability is at the core of our operations. Our products are not only environmentally friendly but also offer superior comfort, durability, and performance. With our international standards of quality, we strive to accelerate innovation and create value for our clients, empowering them with solutions that best meet their business requirements.

Why do you think sustainability in fibers is getting more important?

In essence, sustainability in fibers is of paramount importance due to the pressing environmental concerns and the depletion of vital resources. Let me elaborate on why this issue holds such significance.

Firstly, natural fibers like cotton, hemp, and jute are cultivated naturally, with minimal environmental impacts, while synthetic fibers often involve resource-intensive processes and contribute to pollution.

Secondly, natural fibers are sourced from renewable materials like plants or wood, making them a sustainable choice that can be replenished, unlike synthetic alternatives.

Moreover, natural fibers are biodegradable, breaking down naturally and reducing waste, unlike synthetic fibers, which persist in the environment for centuries.

Additionally, the production of natural fibers typically requires less energy compared to synthetic fibers, contributing to lower carbon emissions.

Furthermore, the textile industry is recognized as one of the largest contributors to global pollution. Shockingly, 92 million tons of textile waste is generated annually worldwide, with 87% of clothing materials and fibers ending up in incinerators or landfills. This alarming statistic underscores the urgent need for sustainable measures within the industry.

To address this waste issue, the textile industry must transition towards sustainable practices, embracing the principles of the 3Rs: reusing, recycling, and reducing. By implementing these measures, we can mitigate the environmental impact of textile production and contribute to a more sustainable future.

How does iTextiles® try to bring more focus to sustainable fibers? 

iTextiles® is committed to championing sustainability by continuously evolving and expanding our portfolio to include a wide range of sustainable fibers. Our efforts extend not only within the Pakistani manufacturing industry but also to international brands, promoting the widespread adoption of sustainable practices.

Here’s an overview of our Sustainable Fiber Portfolio:

  • Natural Fibers: We prioritize renewable inputs, including sustainable Hemp fiber, Linen, and LYCRA® fiber made with QIRA®, harnessing the power of nature for eco-friendly textile production.
  • Recycled Fibers: Embracing the circular economy, we utilize recycled content in our fibers:
    • LYCRA® EcoMade incorporates 20% pre-consumer recycled content.
    • COOLMAX®  EcoMade, THERMOLITE®  EcoMade, and LYCRA® T400®  EcoMade are crafted from textile waste and PET bottles, ensuring sustainable production.
    • Tex2Tex™ is derived 100% from pre-consumer polyester yarn and textile waste.
    • NAIA™ combines 60% sustainably sourced wood pulp with 40% certified recycled waste material.
    • SMART LINEN utilizes 100% pre-consumer textile waste, contributing to waste reduction.
    • MARMARA® ORIGINAL introduces sustainable hemp fiber, showcasing innovation with first cottonized hemp.
    • Q – NOVA incorporates more than 50% recycled material in its fiber composition.
  • Sustainable Viscose: Our sustainable viscose offerings include VILOFT® & VESITA®, crafted from responsibly managed plantations that are 100% biodegradable.
  • Additionally, our CIRCULOSE® range offers variants with 70% or 50% sustainably sourced wood pulp combined with post-consumer 100% cellulosic recycled content.
  • Durable Solutions:  We believe durability is a cornerstone of sustainability. Hence, we offer solutions like LYCRA® Adaptiv®, LYCRA® Freefit, LYCRA® Antislip®, DYNEEMA®, CORDURA®, PROTEX®, and more, enhancing the longevity of garments and minimizing environmental impact through extended product lifespan.

By prioritizing sustainable fibers and durability solutions, iTextiles® is dedicated to fostering a more environmentally conscious textile industry, paving the way for a greener and more sustainable future.

We thank you for joining the Denimsandjeans event for the first time . Why do you think Vietnam is important as a market? What products would you like to promote in this market 

Vietnam has indeed emerged as a significant player in the global economy, drawing attention from businesses worldwide. There are several reasons why Vietnam holds importance as a market:

Firstly, Vietnam displays one of Southeast Asia’s most rapidly growing economies. Its openness to trade and investment, combined with its comparative advantage in low-cost labor, has been instrumental in propelling its economic trajectory.

Secondly, Vietnam has been proactive in establishing bilateral trade agreements with countries across the globe in recent years, further enhancing its position as a vital market for international businesses.

Moreover, Vietnam’s demographics are compelling, with a large population of nearly 100 million consumers, half of whom are under the age of thirty. This demographic profile, coupled with a rising middle class, sets the stage for sustained growth in the coming decades.

Additionally, Vietnam has established itself as a manufacturing hub, particularly in sectors like electronics and textiles, contributing significantly to its economic expansion.

In a nutshell, Vietnam’s economic dynamism, robust trade relations, growing GDP, political stability, and demographic potential collectively render it an attractive market for businesses seeking growth opportunities in Asia.

As for iTextiles®, we aim to promote our entire product portfolio in Vietnam, with a particular focus on our yarns and fabrics. Given Vietnam’s promising textile industry and its role as a manufacturing hub, we believe our high-quality yarns and fabrics will resonate well with the market, catering to the diverse needs of manufacturers and consumers alike.

How do you see Pakistan evolving in near future in all aspects of denim production, particularly concerning sustainability?

Well, looking ahead, I see Pakistan continuing its impressive journey in denim production, with a strong emphasis on sustainability. Over the past decade, Pakistan has swiftly emerged as a key Denim Hub in the region, supplying top-notch denim to leading global brands. Currently, it ranks among the top three denim manufacturers in Asia, which speaks volumes about its growing influence in the industry.

Our denim exports are thriving, with major markets like Bangladesh, Turkey, and others relying on Pakistan for quality denim fabrics. We have a robust infrastructure comprising numerous denim mills and factories, thanks to our rich history in textile manufacturing.

In recent years, Pakistan’s denim industry has experienced remarkable growth, driven by factors such as our vast labor force, competitive pricing, and favorable trade agreements with key markets like the US and the EU.

As we delve deeper into sustainability within the denim segment, it’s noteworthy to mention the increasing utilization of recycled materials, including fiber, yarn, and fabric, in the production of new denim products. Statistics reveal that the global upcycled denim products market size was valued at $392.5 million in 2021 and is projected to reach $838.6 million by 2031, growing at a CAGR of 7.9% from 2022 to 2031. These figures underscore the growing importance and economic potential of sustainable practices within the denim industry.

Sustainability has now become a crucial focus for Pakistan Industry. As the industry embraces eco-conscious practices and innovations, Pakistan is prepared to lead the charge in sustainable denim production. This commitment aligns with our goal of not only maintaining our position in the global denim landscape but also ensuring a greener, more responsible future for the industry.

How do you see iTextiles®’ role in shaping the future of denim production, especially in terms of sustainability?

iTextiles® plays a pivotal role in advancing sustainability within the textile industry. We are committed to promoting sustainable practices by not only providing sustainable raw materials but also by introducing and educating manufacturers on adopting cutting-edge sustainable fiber technologies.

Our efforts extend beyond mere material supply; we also offer invaluable global consumer insights. This empowers manufacturers to diversify their product offerings to meet the evolving demands of consumers. By understanding market trends, we enable the production of denim jeans tailored not only for workwear and casual wear but also for leisure and activewear, thus contributing to a more sustainable and consumer-centric denim industry.

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