Sugarcane Denim – A Unique Denim Brand From Japan

Ever heard of the famous Japanese Denim Brand – Sugarcane. ?
The unique thing about these Jeans is that they are made from Sugarcane fibre mixed with cotton threads. These threads are dyed in natural dyes(mostly) and then Selvedge denims is woven over 40+ year old Shuttle looms – resulting in a very unique texture due to all these processes..
These can be called truely Vintage denims and are rightly termed as Dungarees and not Jeans.

  1. Um, Ok. Being a denim designer myself, I wish I could say “Cool” but I am not impressed. These look like Levi’s knock-offs. So what that they are loomed on 40+ year old shuttle looms. CONE denim here in USA offers that to HUNDREDS of denim manufacturers. Nothing special there. Check out real innovative newbies like Genetic, Anlo and Prospect.

  2. get the same wolrdwide and cost efficient to make it usable for every individual and more of exposure is reqd at this level

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