ASEAN : Exports Of Denim Products To US From 2000-2011

ASEAN region comprises countries like Brunei, Burma(Myanmar), Cambodia , Indonesia , Laos,  Malaysia, Phillipines , Singapore and Thailand . These countries have been getting important in the denim world . Lets see what denim apparel they are exporting to US and at what prices .

Here is a snapshot from our data section on the figures of exports to US from ASEAN countries for the last 10 years including the first quarter of 2011.

US Imports Of Denim From Asean Countries

Denim Apparel Exports from ASEAN to US

Average price of Denim Exports From Asean To US

So , we can see  from the above images that :

  • The total exports from ASEAN to US is almost stable.  However, if we go into individual country exports , we will find that there is a realignment with some countries losing their exports and countries picking up the volumes.
  • The average prices of exports have started to pickup from the last 2 years and specially in 2011 – showing the impact of cotton prices.
  • The first quarter of 2011 has not been very good and the volumes are below the average of previous year. This reflects the trend of falling denim exports to US.

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