Colombia Denim Report | 2014-15


Colombia, as we have mentioned in our previous reports, Colombia market is a unique market in Latin America and the third largest economy . With a population of about 48 million and a per capita income of about $13000, it has a decent fashion and export market . It results in fabric imports into the country from around the world.
In this report, we will give the following details about Colombia denim market:

1. Top 10 importers of denim fabrics in Colombia in the period Feb’2014 to Jan’2015

2. The total quantities purchased by them during this period and the average prices at which they bought.

3. Some contact details on these buyers.

4. Top 10 suppliers of denim fabrics to Colombia from around the world during this period.

5. Quantities and prices at which they supplied the denim.

6. Top 10 countries from where denim is coming to Colombia.

7. Quantities and average prices of such exports from these countries to Colombia.


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