Exports Of Denim Fabrics and Apparel From Turkey To USA 2009-2010

Turkey is an important country for denim products – both as an importer and well as an exporter. As an importer, Turkey imports a large amount of fabrics from various Asian countries including India, Pakistan, Indonesia, China etc. As an exporer, Turkey is one of the most important exporter of Denim garments to EU. It has a special relationship with Italy and Turkey has imbibed a lot of Italian denim designing techniques – besides developing their own. 

When it comes to US, Turkey has seen a mixed relationship . Whereas the exports from Turkey to US were quite strong , exports of denim jeans   have seen a fall in the recent times as US increased its imports from countries like Bangladesh, China , Vietnam, Cambodia etc.  However, it was quite interesting to note that the exports of denim fabrics from Turkey to US jumped more than 75% in the first six months of 2010 (Jan-June) as compared to same period in the last year .

Exports of Denim Fabrics
to USA  2009 – 2010

Year Quantity  (million sq mtrs) Quantity (million mtrs @ 160cm width) Average Price
(USD/mtr at 160 cm width) CIF
2009 (Jan- June) 0.975 .609 7.35
2010(Jan – June) 1.717 1.07 7.16
Change + 76.1 % + 76.1% -2.35%

Though the total exports of denim fabrics from Turkey to US are still miniscule at about 1 million mtrs p.a , the average prices at which they are exported are quite good indicating  . Denim jeans production in US is confined to making expensive premium denim and they require good denim fabrics in small quantities and it is to this market that Turkish denim exporters are catering partly.

Lets see how the exports of denim jeans and other garments from Turkey to US fared during the last one year .

Exports of Denim Jeans and other Denim Garments to US 2009-2010

Year Quantity 
(  pieces)
Value  in Million USD Average Price per pc (USD)
2009 (Jan- June) 2,40,000pcs 3.879 16.16
2010(Jan – June) 3,60,000 pcs 5.685 15.79
Change +50 % + 46.6% -2.29%

Again the market for Turkish denim garments in US is very small. The reason is probably the prices at which Turkey is able to export its denim jeans . Whereas US imports denim jeans from around the world at an average price of $71.5 ( in 2009) , Turkish prices are averaging about $16 . Turkey is basically catering to a small segment of garment importers who do not want to produce in US and still need to make high quality garments with prices that are much lower than that of Japanese denim or Italian denim . But the trend of exports of Denim fabrics and garments to US from Turkey aligns with the general trend of imports of these products into US. There has been a general increase in imports of denim jeans and fabrics into US indicating a strong trend in denim consumption .

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