Imports Of Blue Denim Skirts In USA 2007-2009

Let’s take a look at the import figures of Blue Denim Skirts into US in the last three years . We will find that the total imports of denim skirts has fallen in the last three years from 22.49 million pieces in 2007 to 13.72 million pcs in 2009(11 months). Also given are the few major exporters who are contributing to these imports with China on the top position.

Imports of Denim Skirts In US –(2007-2009): In Million pcs

From 2007 2008 2009(Jan-Nov) 2009 Vs 2008
World 22.49 14.21 13.72  image
China 13.21 8.66 6.93  image
Bangladesh 1.94 2.13 2.83 image
Cambodia 1.04 0.54 0.84 image
India 1.04 0.52 0.63 image
Vietnam 0.93 0.37 0.54 image
Indonesia 1.02 0.51 0.49  image


China has been the major exporter of this item to US – but it seems to be losing ground. However, it has still maintained a healthy 50% share of the blue denim skirt market(imports) into US. 

Bangladesh seems to have improved their share drastically by almost 60% . Other countries have just about maintained their share or improved a bit.

But on the whole the total imports for this item have fallen by almost 33% since 2007 indicating a not great a market and trend for the same.

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