Men’s Jeans experience fall in imports into US – 6.82% in 2007

As Compared to 2006 , the imports of Men’s Jeans into US has fallen 6.82% from 293 million pieces to about 273 million pieces in 2007.
The fall was consistent through the various quarters of 2007(as I mentioned last year) . The table below shows the figures of imports from various countries


Country Million Pcs Percentage Share
Mexico 97.71 35.66
Bangladesh 24.04 8.77
Pakistan 15.02 5.48
Honduras 14.35 5.23
China 13.32 4.86
Egypt 12.79 4.66
Cambodia 11.88 4.33
Costa Rica 11.79 4.30
Lesotho 9.90 3.61
Hongkong 6.54 2.38
Nicaragua 6.31 2.30
Guatemala 5.47 1.99
India 1.84 0.67
Jordan 1.57 0.57

Total Imports of Mens Jeans in 2007:: 273.93 million pcs
Source:US Customs

Some points are worth noting from the table:
a)Mexico still retains its position as number 1 exporter despite falling share.But that is expected to fall.
b)China is yet to make a significant mark in the US men’s jeans market.Though it will definitely.
c)Bangladesh has continued to make progress and has aquired a sizeable 9% share of the market.
However, its neighbour India still has an insignificant share of 0.67% and it shows that India is absolutely uncompetitive in Men’s Jeans.
d)Small countries like Lesotho have made great use of Sub-saharan treaties to increase exports to US
e)Egypt has gained a great share at the cost of Jordan due to benefits extended to it. Jordan has lost the share due to its rising costs.This is continue to grow and more and more of factories are expected to shift to Egypt.

The fall in the jeans imports is perhaps consistent with the fall in growth rate of denim consumption..

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