Rising Indian Imports Of Denim Garments 2018 – Part I

India is expected to become the world’s fastest growing e-commerce market, driven by robust investment in the sector and a rapid increase in the number of internet users. Various agencies have high expectations about the growth of Indian e-commerce markets. Indian e-commerce sales are expected to reach US$ 100 billion by 2020 from US$ 30 billion in FY2016. Further, India’s e-commerce market is expected to reach US$ 220 billion in terms of gross merchandise value (GMV) and 530 million shoppers by 2025, led by faster speeds on reliable telecom networks, faster adoption of online services and better variety as well as convenience. The Government of India has taken various initiatives to improve the retail industry in India due to which many international brands have made their debut in the Indian market in the past few years.

Retailers including H&M, GAP, Inditex, Adidas, Puma, and Walmart have already shared their expansion plans in India which indicates the huge potential of the Indian apparel industry. The leading Japanese retailer – Uniqlo is opening its first showroom in India next year, H&M – one of the worlds biggest clothing retailers, is targetting to open 50 showrooms by the mid of 2019 and GAP is expecting to add 50 more showrooms in India. India stands 2nd globally when it comes to consumption of Jeans. The domestic market of India is big and so is the production. However, India is still importing a considerable amount of Denim Garment from overseas also and the post-GST (VAT introduction) retailers based in India and overseas have been keen to import from the neighboring countries who are enjoying duty privileges from India. There are a series of treaties which are expected to be signed in the coming years which might add to the increase in imports of garments.

In this report, we’ve listed top 10 denim garment importers in India for the period covering early Dec’17 to early Dec’18 and analyzed the volume and average price along with the countries from where they are buying. The exclusive insights of Indian Denim Buyers will help to understand the dynamics of Indian Denim Industry has been changing.


Table showing top 10 denim garment importers along with the average price ( USD/Pc).

Graph showing top 10 denim garment importers.

Graphs showing average price of ( USD/Pc) top 10 denim garment importers.

Table showing major supplying countries to Indian Denim Importers.

Pie Chart showing major supplying countries to Indian Denim Importers.

10 Tables Showing the denim garment importers along with the average price.

30 Graphs showing the denim garment importers along with average price and % share.

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