Germany | Imports of Jeans :2010-2015


Germany is the biggest market for jeans in Europe . With its population of 81 million it is the most populated country in EU. Given its large population and its per capita income of $44000+ p.a makes  it  a huge market for most apparel.  Germany not only imports jeans directly from around the world but also from within the EU in a big way. In the current report we will try to analyse how and from where jeans are coming into Germany since 2010. Also we will look at how the Jeans are being exported from Germany and to which countries.

  1. Table of imports of jeans into Germany from 2010 to 2014
  2. Table of % share of exporting countries in the market of Germany 2010-2014
  3. Table of % share of exports from and outside the EU 2010-2014
  4. Table for imports of jeans from important EU countries 2010-2014
  5. Table for exports of jeans out of Germany into EU countries 2010-2014
  6. Table for exports of jeans to rest of the world 2010-2014
  7. Net consumption of jeans in Germany 2010-2014
  8. Per capita consumption of jeans in Germany 2014


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