New Weekly Reports from

I am happy to announce that we are starting some new weekly reports which shall be made regularly so that you get updated information on Denim Topics every week. The details are as below:


  1. Report on buyers of Denim Fabric and Jeans– This weekly report shall be providing list of some new buyer requirements for Denim Fabrics and Jeans across various places on the web. Our members can then visit the related links to see if they are of  interest to them to pursue.
  2. Report on New Denim Collections – This report shall provide a summary of new Denim Collections witnessed across the world .Keep yourselves in with the trend.
  3. Denim Videos – Videos are an important source  of information and getting to see the latest videos related to denim is an easy way to keep oneself updated on denim trends. This report shall enable you to do the same.
  4. Weekly detailed denim report on production, consumption , export and import of Denim . This report I am not very sure we will be able to provide every week, but that shall be the endeavour.


I am just putting up this post so that our readers may not be surprised due to the sudden jump in posts. Hope you like the reports. I would really like to have your comments on the same once you receive them so that we can improve them further.

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