DE-Brands X KG Fabriks – The 1st Digital Launch Of Sustainable Denim Collection

World’s first digital denim sourcing platform DE-Brands (powered by and the leading Indian denim mill KG-Fabriks have collaborated to bring the 1st digital launch of the sustainable denim collection. KG Fabriks is based in the southern region of India and its mill has an annual production capacity of 20 million meter and is specially focused on sustainable productions.

On May 19th- (Wednesday) at 08.00 PM IST, A unique Webinar of presentation of green denim products from KG Fabriks will take place and KG Fabriks X DE-Brands presentation will bring some of the unique products of the company hosted on DE-Brands as collections.

The company will present natural plant-based, machine indigo-dyed denim products under brand name ‘Nature’s Blue’ besides other greens. Nature’s Blue uses the GRIN Technology in association with SITRA (South Indian Textile Research Association) Making Earth a better Place to Live. The collection was developed in a tripartite collaboration between Ministry of Textiles ( GOI), South India Textile Research Association (SITRA)& KG Fabriks, and funded by both GOI & KG Fabriks.

Nature’s Blue” is manufactured using Green Alkali, replacing caustic , 100% Greener & Biodegradable Reducing agent.

KG Fabriks is also one of the participants in The Jeans Redesign project and also a 100% ZLD and ZSD plant. During the presentation, KG Fabriks will use the unique DE-Brands platform, innovated by Denimsandjeans, to showcase their products digitally to a global audience.

To attend the webinar, one needs to register at and for other information related to the webinar, write to the host at Once the registration is done, please wait for the approval email. The approval email will have a joining link, click on link and join the webinar at the schedule time.

To have a wholesome experience of the presentation and to be able to actively interact with the products while the presentation is being made, it is recommended to also download the DE-Brands app from the following links and also register yourself. This will enable the participants to interact with products as they are watching the presentation.

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About DE-Brands
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