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Based in Turkey, Kaiser is a well-known supplier of colorants and laundry auxiliary products, providing environmentally friendly solutions to clients worldwide. Offering the best products and technology for laundries and garment dyes, Kaiser has almost a century of experience in product research and innovation for the textile industry, building on its DyStar heritage.

In order to promote their innovations, they exhibited garments that explained their concepts at the Denimsandjeans Vietnam 2024 show. Serdar Demircioglu talked with Denimsandjeans on his exclusive products showcased during the show.

  1. Water-Free Stone Wash Look 

Lava Cell NSY works as a stonewashed effect auxiliary as well as an accelerator for denim stone washing. At room temperature, the substance speeds up mechanical abrasion of Indigo. Without using pumice stones, it gives certain denim qualities a stonewashed look.

The product offers waterless stone washing processes. It can be used on wet clothes following the pre-wash. Water in the drum is not necessary for application.

The Lava® Cell NSY, a water-free stone washing enzyme and the Lava Con KKT Powder, a water-free enzyme activator make up the Stone-Free & Water-Free concept. With an environmentally responsible application method, Lava® Cell NSY & Lava Con KKT Powder offers the appearance most similar to pumice stones.

  1. Ozone Bleaching

A specifically prepared substance called Lava Con OZN is intended to cause denim substrates to undergo ozone bleaching. The product is an environmentally friendly substitute for hypochlorite and permanganate. It gives denim clothing a more pronounced and brilliant bleaching appearance and enhances the marble impression.

Dry Ozone Application

Lava Con OZN can be applied via dipping, spraying, routine machine applications, or injection in closed machinery systems. The garments must be completely dry before applying ozone.

Lava Con OZN is an excellent bleach for fabrics with sulfur and indigo.There is no need for a specific neutralization with this product. All that’s needed for neutralization after the ozone application is a simple detergent wash.

The clothing produced with this method is referred to as “Zero” because hypochlorite and permanganate are not present in the process.

  1. Advanced Used Look

Advance used look effect is achieved on garments treated with reactive dye to make sustainable fashion colorful. It is used to create fashionable washed-down effects.

Advantages of the concept;

  • Applicable for both garment and fabric dyeing
  • No cationization is needed in the dyeing process
  • Excellent color fastnesses can be achieved
  • Provides a fashionable used-look after the garment treatment without additional bleaching process
  • Provides very good reproducibility and levelness
  • Garment treatment process is conducted without water and without hazardous chemicals such as potassium permanganate
  • Energy and time saving

To connect with them , please contact @ serdard@kaisertekstil.com

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