Largest Blue Zone At Munich Fabric Start This Time

Munich is set to witness the launch of the upcoming edition of Munich Fabric Start on September 4 , next week,  with over 110 Denim Companies from around the world .  Participants from denim supply chain including  Fabric mills , Garment companies, Accessories , Machinery , Lazer and chemical categories are participating in this event and it is probably the biggest Blue Zone of Munich till now.

 Blue Yard. At The Blue Yard , the visitors will get to see and will experience  new technologies, new heritage, vintage showrooms, around communication and networking about how to handle the latest process solutions. The high-quality ‘performance offensive’ will focus on the latest fabric innovations, trend-setting end uses as well as complex functionalities of the market-leading vendors of denim & sportswear innovations, finishes, washes and processing methods.

Some Interesting Exhibitor Presentations Include

  • Atelier & Repair – a cooperation between CANDIANI and LENZING at the stand of the denim specialist at CATALYSER
  • Sashiko Denim – Repair don’t replace
  • Vintage Showroom x Orta
  • Denim Boulevard, Hamnsutra, SAAT, Tintes Egara x MOUNTEK
  • Regenarated Fabric – Berto presents fabrics made of production waste under PIANETA FABRIC DEVELOPMENT
  • Zero Waste Water Collection resented by Soorty


Denim Club by BLUEZONE as a meeting point for denim lectures, round tables and workshops on relevant themes on the denim market. Following denim talks are scheduled to happen at the show along with the broadcast of the documentary – BLUE GOLD: AMERICAN JEANS – THE MOVIE  at 04.00 PM.

Denim Club

Denim Club-2 (1)


There will be over 110 denim companies exhibiting at the show from over 20 countries. The denim companies are located in the Hall #6 & 7 . Once again , this time also the show is being dominated by the European Exhibitors however this a lot of companies from South East Asia are also participating.For more information , Please visit

Company Name Country  Hall No Stand No
DB Wash International Albania H6 B 06
Pizarro Wiser B.V Amsterdam H7 B 08
Absolute Denim Co., Ltd. Bangkok H7 C 04
Pacific Jeans Ltd. Bangladesh H7 B 05
UCO Raymond Belgium H7 B 11
Blue Diamond by House of Gold China H6 B 02
Foshan Foison Textile Co., Ltd. China H7 C 32
Foshan Seazon Textile and Garment Co., LTD China H7 A 11
Prosperity Textile Ltd. China H7 ST 06
Zhejiang Jinsuo Textiles Co. Ltd China H7 C 24
Desert Studio – Indigo garments FZE Dubai H6 A 03
Eurotex Garments Egypt H7 ST 05
Lotus Garments Group Egypt H7 Bluepark #1
Monsieur-T. EURL France H6 B 08
Swift Denim France H7 B 36
Velcorex since 1828 SARL France H6 B 12
CHT Germany GmbH Germany H7 C 30
Die Designwerkstatt Germany H6 Tank
Gonser Group Germany H7 C 35
Gunold GmbH Germany H1 Bluepark #5
Hamansutra Germany H7 Bluepark #6
Landes Lederwarenfabrik GmbH Germany H7 ST 03
Maibom GmbH* Germany H7 A 01
Mountek GmbH Germany H7 Bluepark #5
New HeitageFOXnFRIENDS GmbH Germany H7 Bluepark #2
re/GENERATE Germany H7 C 09
SAAT Germany H6 B 07
Setex Textil GmbH Germany H7 C 01
van Delden textile GmbH Germany H3 D 02
Alexandros Garment Treatments Greece H7 ST 01
Altero Accessories & Co Greece H6 B 01
ISA TanTec Ltd. HongKong H7 B 07
Anubha Industries Pvt. Ltd. India H7 A 16
KG Denim Limited India H7 C 14
LNJ Denim (RSWM Limited) India H7 C 21
Raymond Uco Denim Pvt Ltd. India H7 B 13
Albiate 1830 – Division of Cotonificio Albini SpA Italy H6 B 04
Berto E.G. Industria Tessile S.r.l. Italy H6 C 05
Candiani S.p.A. Italy H6 C 07
Cappio Tessuti S.r.l. Italy H6 A 04
Carlo Bonomi since 1860 Division of E.I.T.* Italy H6 B 05
Denim Boulevard Italy H7 Bluepark #10
Denim Inn Srl Italy H6 B 06
Europa SAS Italy H6 C 06
I.MA.TEX s.r.l. Italy H7 A 12
IMjiT35020 Manufactus srl Italy H6 C 04
Metal Service Srl Italy H6 B 06
Niggeler & Küpfer Textile SpA Italy H7 B 21
P.G. Denim Italy H6 A 01
Piovese Fashion S.r.l. Italy H6 B 03
Tessuti Pordenone Italy H6 C 08
PureDenim SRL Italy H6 C 01
Kuroki Co Ltd. Japan H7 A 11
Hyosung Corporation Korea H7 A 09
Denim Authority Morocco H7 C 15
Paris Texas Morocco H7 B 06
Sashikodenim by Pey Netherlands H7 Bluepark #8
Indigo People Netherlands H7 Bluepark #3
Vicunha Netherland B.V Netherlands H7 A 24
Advance Fashion Pvt. Ltd. Pakistan H7 C 28
Artistic Fabric & Garment Industries (private) Ltd. Pakistan H7 B 01
Artistic Milliners Pvt. Ltd Pakistan H7 B 24
Azgard 9 Pakistan H7 A 02
Denim Clothing Company  Pakistan H6 A 03
Diamond Denim By Sapphire Pakistan H7 A 06
Indigo Textile (Pvt.) Ltd. Pakistan H7 A 14
Kassim Denim Pakistan H7 A 15
Kohinoor Mills Ltd. Pakistan H7 C 06
Master Textile Mills LTD. Pakistan H7 C 05
Naveena Denim Ltd. (NDL) Pakistan H7 B 10
Naveena Denim Mills -NDM Pakistan H7 B 23
Nishat Mills Limited Pakistan H7 B 03
Rajby Textiles (Pvt.) Limited Pakistan H7 C 17
Rantex (PVT) Ltd. Pakistan H7 C 07
Sapphire Finishing Mills Ltd. Pakistan H7 C 18
Soorty Enterprises (PVT.) Ltd. Pakistan H7 B 30
Jeanologia S.L. Spain H7 A 18
Tejidos Royo Spain H6 C 03
Textil Santanderina S.A. Spain H6 C 02
Evlox Spain H6 A 05
Tintes Egara S.L. Spain H7 Bluepark #5
Atlantic Mills (Thailand)
Co. Ltd.
Thailand H7 B 27
Dynamo Denim Kumascilik Ltd. Tureky H7 ST 08
Ayyildiz Dokuma Kumas Pazarlama
San. ve Tic. AS
Turkey H7 C 34
BE-MA Tekstil
San. Ve. Tic. Ltd. Sti
Turkey H7 ST 07
Bossa Turkey H7 ST 02
Calik Denim Tekstil Turkey H7 B 32
Denim Studio
Tekstil Dis. Ticaret AS
Turkey H7 C 22
Denimco Tekstil Pazarlama AS Turkey H7 A 20
DeriDesen Etiket
San. ve Tic. AS
Turkey H7 B 09
DNM Tekstil Turkey H7 B 20
F´blue Denim Fabric Turkey H7 C 16
Fashion Point Textil Üretim AS Turkey H7 C 131
FG Tekstil Kon. San. Tic. AS Turkey H7 B 02
Gediz Kumas San ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. Turkey H7 ST 09
Indigo Istanbul Tekstil Turkey H7 C 08
Iskur Denim Islet. San Ve Tic A.S. Turkey H7 C 02
Kilim Denim Turkey H7 C 10
Kipas Mensucat Isletmeleri AS Turkey H7 ST 12
Maritas Denim Turkey H7 A 28
Mavera Jeans Turkey H7 C 03
Mesura Tekstil San Ve Tic Ltd Sti Turkey H7 C 19
Orta Anadolu Turkey H7 B 40
Pagada Tekstil Turkey H7 C 23
Realteks Tekstil Turkey H7 ST 04
Sharabati – Denim Turkey H7 C 36
Stitch & Trim Turkey H7 A10
Zares Danismalik Turizm Tekstil Turkey H7 A 08
Denimci Dis. Tic. Pazarlama A.S. (WDenim) Turkey H7 B 25
Turteks Tekstil Etiket San. ve Tic. A.S. Turkey H6  B 10
Tüsa Denim Turkey H7 B 15

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