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Coronavirus spread is hugely affecting all of us. A large part of humanity is under lockdown and businesses are shut. Stores in most of the western countries have shut down and retailers are canceling orders en masse. The entire supply chain is crippled and people are totally confused.

The impact of the corona is being felt across all industries and our industry is no exception. Denim professionals are confused about what they need to do and how to prepare for the future. The nature of the industry is likely to be changed in the coming months and we all need to prepare for the same. Even though the coronavirus situation might improve in the near future, the working patterns of our (and other) industry will change. The logics which seemed so apparent before may not apply now.

Keeping all this in mind, we had started our Live Chat on Instagram webinars with some important denim personalities globally so that we, and the others, could make out some sense of what is happening and get some idea of what will happen in the future.

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Live Interactive Discussion With Lucia Rosin
Stefano Aldighieri
Tricia Carey

You can also listen to the podcast of all upcoming episodes of Covid Times at on Spotify at

We have the following talks coming out on 1st April. The first one is with Katsu Manabe of Momotaro group. Sandeep Agarwal will speak to him and will try to understand from him the situation in Japan and how it is changing the industry.
Japan time : 8.30 pm
HK Time : 7.30 pm
India time : 5.00 pm
Pakistan time : 4.30 pm
UK time : 12.30pm
EST time : 7.30 am

The second Live cast will be with Neeraj Sachdeva ex- Creative Design | Head of design, merchandising BENETTON. The timings will be as below on 1st April :

EST Time: 9.00 am
UK time: 2.00 pm
Pakistan time: 6.00 pm
India time: 6.30 pm
HK time: 9.00 pm
Japan time: 10.00 pm

On April 2nd, we shall be in a live discussion with Ms. Dilek Erik from Turkey, details of which are as follows :
Turkey time : 4.00 pm
EST Time : 9.00 am
UK Time : 2.00 pm
Pakistan time : 6.00 pm
India time : 6.30 pm
HK Time : 9.00 pm

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