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Nexia & De Franceschi is an Italian company, leader in the production of innovative machineries and systems for industrial and textile laundries. From the heritage of the De Franceschi brand, born in 1871, Nexia has developed experience and know-how in the finishing process within the textile sector, with particular focus on the denim industry. Technologically advanced products, that are aligned to Industry 4.0 standards, have been created to drastically reduce the consumption of water, chemicals and energy. We spoke to their team about their latest work and developments as they participate in Denimsandjeans Japan show.

Nexia has developed as an important company for sustainable laundry. Can you share your brief history?

NEXIA SRL is a leader in Italy in the production of washing and dyeing machines for industrial laundries, in the finishing textile process with particular focus on the DENIM industry. Our ALL-TOGETHER system for instance, a combination of option on the same machine for a fluid and dynamic uninterrupted washing cycle, guaranteeing remarkable performance with the highest   quality results.

Nexia in 2016 also acquired the DE FRANCESCHI historical brand of washing machines, for the linen industry.The company has developed exclusive patented technologies, 100% made in Italy,  that can significantly reduce environmental impact, processing times and energy consumption.

The objectives have been incredibly successful: water consumption reduced by up to 85%, use of chemicals reduced by up to 87% and energy consumption reduced by up to 40%.

Nexia is always on the frontline of fashion and technological research and the machineries are certified in total compliance with environmental policies of the Green Label by RINA, an external international certification control agency.

How are you trying to align your company orientation with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN ?
All our products are aligned to Industry 4.0 standards,  we constantly invest 15% of our profit in Research and development every year in new technologies. In January 2020 Nexia won the award as best manufacturer company in our area and received the prize from the mayor of the city of Rosà. In October 2021, another important award the “PID 2021” a special Italian prize with the mention for the sustainability: “Green Laundry and dyeing for Textile”.

Last but not the least, in OCTOBER 2022 we will collect another important prize,  by the president of the VENETO REGION and the PRESIDENT OF THE ROTARY CLUB, the CARNAROLI regional award,  with the assignment of the honorable mention “ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY”.

The goals we reached, reaffirm the dedication of our historical brands through a responsible production, with ever higher performing washer-extractors and applications from a target ZERO perspective.

Ozone technology has been very useful in providing environmentally friendly washing to the industry . How have you ensured advancements in this technology?

NEXIA being a sustainable company, has the awareness that it does not only mean respect for the environment and for the resources, but also respect for the health of workers and consumers.

For this reason, our OZONE technology is CE Certified, and we are carrying out an important project with the National Research Institute ( CNR), aim to proof the application of this natural gas in the textile industry.

What do you think of the Japanese denim market? Why do you think that your technology could be very useful in the market?

High-tech, tradition and the obligatory pinch of nationalism, are the three most important characteristics to consider about sustainability in textiles,  in Japan.

NEXIA constantly update issues related to the environment and savings, although what has been achieved at the technological level is very ground-breaking like our NEXSTONE patented stoneless washing system and our DOUBLE NEBULIZER NDROP system ( unique in the world).

Our machines have been also conceived with an advanced software able to manage and check all the recipes of the treatments, enhancing the bath ratio, the washing cycles and most important, all the savings.

Our aim is to promote our integration among Japanese companies in machinery and resources, able to help improving their precious denim market.

Any future plans you want to share with us on your new technological developments .

In addition to the projects, we are already carrying out,  NEXIA be present at the next most important international show for the textile industry,  ITMA Milan 2023, with a new product and with great news.  You just have to follow us !

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