Unveiling HUGO BLUE: A Fresh Wave Of Denim And Style For Spring/Summer 2024

HUGO is set to make waves with the unveiling of its latest brand line, HUGO BLUE, featuring a stunning new style and collection for the Spring/Summer 2024 season. This eagerly anticipated addition to the HUGO family will be exclusively available at select Hudson’s Bay locations across Canada, including Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto, as well as conveniently online at thebay.com.

At the heart of HUGO BLUE is denim, showcased in a variety of styles such as jeans, skirts, jackets, trench coats, shirts, shorts, and more. The collection embraces a laid-back, effortless vibe with slouchy, printed jersey staples and bold logo details, all presented in a color palette themed around various shades of blue, black, and white.

The launch event at Hudson’s Bay Queen St. recently coinciding with Guys’ Night Out, was a dynamic affair filled with creativity. Guests had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of HUGO BLUE through an immersive pop-up experience featuring inspiring product installations and entertainment, including a performance by Juno award-winning recording artist, Preston Pablo.

This pop-up experience, currently stationed at Hudson’s Bay Queen St. and later moving to Hudson’s Bay Yorkdale, offers customers a fresh perspective on HUGO, inviting them to explore the world of HUGO BLUE alongside the main line. While the main line continues to focus on elevated casual wear and contemporary tailoring, HUGO BLUE introduces more denim, streetwear, and a variety of gender-neutral styles.

As a brand under HUGO BOSS, HUGO is known for providing a platform for self-expression and an authentic way of dressing. With HUGO BLUE, the brand caters to individuals who dare to break conventions and set trends rather than follow them.

The introduction of HUGO BLUE marks a significant expansion in the brand’s fashion repertoire, emphasizing denim while maintaining the sartorial excellence associated with HUGO’s main line. Both collections offer a blend of sharp and relaxed silhouettes, striking accessories, and a commitment to innovation.

HUGO’s #HUGOYourWay campaign underscores the brand’s ambition to establish itself as the go-to premium brand for those who dare to express their uniqueness through fashion. The campaign features a fusion of creative talents from various industries, embodying the spirit of the brand and inviting viewers into a world of new possibilities and discoveries.

Leading up to the launch, HUGO plans to engage its audience through social media and in-store displays, highlighting the brand’s unique style codes and solidifying its connection with the socially savvy generation. The Summer 2024 collections from both HUGO main line and HUGO BLUE are available for purchase in-store and online, inviting fashion-forward individuals to embrace a wardrobe that’s bold, innovative, and unmistakably HUGO.

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