Indian Denim Men Jeans – Dec’23 and Sept’23 Comparison

After the exclusive report of 15 Indian denim brands which was launched by us in Sept
‘23, here comes the follow-up report for the month of Dec’23 and includes comparison
with the month of Sept’23. This enables to bring out a comparison between this period of
one quarter and enables one to see some trends and directions.

In this report we studied about 15 denim brands:

Lee Jeans
Louis Philippe
Numero Uno
Levi Strauss and Co.

Peter England
Roadster Brand Jeans
Pepe Jeans
Killer Jeans
Flying Machine
Jack and Jones
Being Human
Lee Cooper

This report on Indian denim brands is over 194 pages and contains over 218 graphs
and tables explaining the various aspects of these brands in comparison to each other as
well as individually. We had published the report for the month of September’23 data in
October and in this report we are adding the data of the month of December’23. This will
enable a comparison between two months giving an indication of the movement that has
taken place in this time. We evaluated them on the basis of PRICES, DISCOUNTS, GENDER RATIOS, FITS, MATERIALS/ COMPOSITIONS, DEFINITIONS etc

  • Price levels – What price levels they are offering their jeans.
  • We evaluated Dec’23 offerings from all these brands and compared the same with the
    data of September’23 month. We evaluated them on the basis of PRICES, DISCOUNTS,
    see what differences we found in this period
  • Analyzing some important fiber inputs and how it differs from one brand to another
  • We studied about 8743 product styles sold online of all these brands included during
    December’23 and 8500 product styles in September’23 to arrive at the following charts
    and graphs to give deeper insights into the brands consumer facing front
  • Total approx no of men jeans styles offered by each of this brand online during this month
  • The average pricing of Men Jeans for all these brands.
  • Average discounting offered by all these brands during Dec’23.
  • Approx FIT breakup of styles during each of these months. One FIT is predominant in the
    Indian Men Jeans market in India. We analyzed how each of these brands stand in respect of this fit compared to all their styles
  • Most popular compositions for each of these brands during Dec’23 as compared with
    Sept’23. We will list out the major compositions used (and in how many styles) during
    each month to give an idea of kind of fibers being used for the fabrics. Currently as it
    shows, Indian denim brands have not started focusing on sustainable fibers in a big way.
  • RIGID vs STRETCH – we try to analyze how the styles pan out in regards to their stretchability in the two months.
  • Cotton % on an average from the whole stable of styles on offer. Is the overall cotton %
    used in the products going up or down? We will try to analyse that.

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