Levi’s Women Jeans USA – An Analysis And Comparison Of 2023-2024 Products

Levi’s, the iconic denim brand with roots dating back to the 19th century, holds a special
place in the hearts of denim lovers worldwide. Its rich history has not only shaped the
denim culture but continues to inspire the industry today

In the midst of ongoing changes in the denim landscape, Levi’s remains relevant, adapting
to new challenges such as environmental concerns and the impact of the COVID-19
pandemic. These challenges have led to a rethinking of how denim is made and marketed,
with sustainability and ethical practices taking center stage.

In this era of heightened awareness and accountability, Levi’s stands out in embracing
innovation and sustainability. The compulsion driven by legal and moral obligations, coupled
with heightened consumer awareness, and impending legal threats, has catalyzed a
transformative response among numerous brands.

In this report, our goal was to thoroughly assess Levi’s USA Women Jeans offerings by
analyzing their E-commerce platform. This report is a continuation of our previous report
where we analyzed the same for the months of August-22, January-23 and July-23. Our
approach was multifaceted, aiming to uncover insights into the brand’s market positioning
and strategic direction across various dimensions as reflected from their online offerings.

1. Understanding Pricing Dynamics:

We kicked off our investigation by delving into the pricing landscape of Levi’s Women Jeans in the online retail realm. By mapping out different price ranges, we aimed to grasp how Levi’s positioned itself. Furthermore, we quantified the extent of discounting undertaken by Levi’s during the specified period, recognizing its importance in navigating challenging market conditions and gauging the brand’s resilience.

2. Examining Sales Trends Over Time:

A crucial aspect of our study involved analyzing sales data from three distinct months: August 2023, November 2023, and February 2024. Through a methodical review of sales trends during these periods, we sought to identify any significant variations in key product attributes such as fits, materials/constructions, and definitions. This analysis provided valuable insights into potential shifts or developments within Levi’s product offerings over time.

3. Assessing Fabric Composition:

At the core of our inquiry was an evaluation of the  composition of various fibers in Levi’s Women Jeans across the aforementioned months. Recognizing the importance of fabric composition in reflecting brand ethos and priorities, we examined the prevalence of various compositions to uncover patterns or trends. Of particular interest was identifying the most frequently used compositions, serving as indicators of Levi’s strategic focus on sustainability and fashion. We presented comprehensive tables detailing the full range of fabric compositions, allowing readers to delve deeper into the analysis.

4. Insights into Consumer Engagement:

Our investigation included a meticulous examination of over 500 product styles across the evaluated months. The findings were distilled into visually informative charts and graphs aimed at providing nuanced insights into the brand’s consumer-facing activities. These visual representations covered various metrics, including total product styles available each month, average pricing trends, discounting patterns, fit distributions, and popular fabric compositions. Through these data-driven depictions, we aimed to shed light on broader trends and strategic considerations underlying Levi’s product offerings and consumer engagement strategies.
Graphs included : 

In our analysis, we’ve incorporated a variety of graphs to paint a clearer picture of Levi’s USA Women Jeans offerings. Let’s break it down: 

a) Total Number of Women Jeans Styles Sold Online:

Think of this graph as a snapshot of how many different styles of women’s jeans Levi’s had available online each month. It helps us understand how Levi’s is mixing up their offerings over time and how responsive they are to what customers want.

b) Average Pricing Trends:

To track the average prices of all the women’s jeans Levi’s had online during each month. It’s like looking at the pulse of Levi’s pricing strategy over time, showing us how they’re positioning themselves in the market.

c) Discounting Patterns and Pricing After Discounts:

to look at how much Levi’s is discounting their jeans on average each month, and what the prices look like after those discounts. It gives us insights into Levi’s promotional strategies and how flexible they are in response to market changes and competition.

d) Fit Distribution Across Styles:

This will give us an idea of the different fits Levi’s is offering in their women’s jeans each month. It’s like peeking into what styles are trending and how Levi’s is adapting to meet those preferences.

e) Most Popular Fabric Compositions:

By looking at it, we can see which types of fabrics Levi’s is using the most in their women’s jeans. It helps us understand Levi’s commitment to sustainability and fashion trends in their product lineup.

f) Average Fiber Percentage Across Styles:

To look at the average amount of cotton and other fibers used in Levi’s women’s jeans each month. It’s a good indicator of Levi’s dedication to using sustainable materials and where they stand in the broader denim market in terms of eco-friendliness.

Overall, these graphs will give us valuable insights into Levi’s Women Jeans offerings, helping us understand their market performance and strategic direction in a more nuanced way.

Analysis of Women Jeans Styles:

When we looked at Levi’s USA E-commerce platform, we noticed something exciting happening with their women’s jeans styles. In February 2024, there were around 214 different styles available – quite a jump from the 170 styles we saw in November 2023, and even more than the 156 styles back in August 2023

The graph we have included shows this increase clearly, like watching the brand grow and evolve over the past year. Levi’s is adapting to the changing tastes of their customers and they are staying relevant in the world of women’s fashion. It seems Levi’s is really working hard to offer a diverse range of options, maybe to keep up with what people are looking for in denim these days.

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