Bikini Jeans ? Hmmmm.. Interesting .

We had seen  lot of ultra low waisted jeans that we had seen all through last couple of seasons and there was a  feeling that low waisted jeans were slowly fading away.

But all the previous lows have been proved to be quite ‘High’ compared to this new Bikini Jeans that has come from a Japanese Brazilian company – Sanna Brazil Fashion. The bikini seems to have been merged with the jeans to create a new ultra low and exposing jeans. The bikini strings hold the jeans on to its place which would otherwise just fall off !

bikini jeans




Most men would not be complaining on women wearing these jeans though some women would.

However, on a serious note , the jeans is meant for highly perfect bodies and will be difficult to carry off by most women. The occasions to put on such a dress would probably be limited and it is probably a fad which will not carry far.. But the fact that me and probably many others like me are writing about these jeans have created a visual sensation at least.. And if you (women only!) are bold enough to try these, visit the site of the company to buy online.

  1. Dear Japanese

    Still apparantely very to very sexy. Admiring the mind of expressing the feelings of women to be very ultra sexy.



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