Fidelity Jeans – Q&A

Today I am featuring an inteview with Jason Trotzuk – the designer of a premium brand from Canada – FIDELITY JEANS..This is an upcoming
denim brand and making inroads in the US market..

Me: How does Fidelity create a niche for itself when already there are a large number of Premium Denim brands around?

Jason:Fidelity creates it niche by making fabulous jeans that are unlike any other brand… Once a customer tries on a pair of Fidelity’s (men’s or women’s) they’re hooked….there is freedom of choice in the market place and customers always choose quality over hype. No matter what your body type Fidelity has a pair (or two or three) that will fit you perfectly.

Me: What kind of denim fabrics Fidelity uses most(eg Selvedge denim,Flat finishes,Ringxring etc and also their preferred source eg Japanese denim,US denim,Italian etc).

Jason:Fidelity Women’s is all Japanese and Italian stretch…We are having great success with boutique Japanese denim mills and have some amazing sources that we have stuck with because the formula works…Fidelity men’s is predominantly Italian denim but lately I have been using good old U.S. made denim by Cone….American classics…true backbone denim!!!

Me: If you were to distribute marks (out of 10) between Fabric,Fit and Finish, what would be your distribution?

Jason:Fabric 3, Fit 5, Finish 2…The fit is 50% (or more of the game…actually it is 100% of the game) but if I had to split it would be the forementioned. Fit is the most important by far but without quality fabric and amazing finishes, you don’t qualify as premium. The consumer is smart enough and the competition is thick out there. There are no cutting corners in this game. You have to be a complete package to stay successful in the market.

Me: Which is the next big style in denim ?

Jason:Fashion denim and anything straight. That is where I am hedging my bets in ‘08.

Me: We keep on hearing that black denim is coming back. Is it so?

Jason:Personally I don’t see it….black denim had a great run the last few falls but the look is limited. The trend is becoming more fashion and luxury so I believe black/black is still important but as more of a general color…not necessarily for denim.

Me: As per you which are the best styles from Fidelity – for men and for women?


HYACINTH: 5 Pocket Trouser jeans…wide leg mid rise…fits all body types…always dressy!!!
BELLADONNA: Mid Rise Boot Cut…Most versatile cut for a woman….The Belladonna medium rise is the perfect rise @ 8.5”, the thigh is slimming and the boot cut open allows for both dressy or casual occasions.
THE LUX: flare, Do some damage with this cut…clean tailor details on a 5-pocket jean with a long lean flare.

Again, there are many bodies too numerous to mention, but our specialty is our fit… many customers swear by our “uplifting” qualities and has been coined as the “butt bra jean”.

5011: My favorite style is the 5011 straight, the cut is lean and mean yet masculine.
CHARGER: Boot cut…the best boot cut on the market!

Me: Which celebrities are fans of Fidelity Jeans?

Jason:Heidi Montag, Blake Lively, Lindsay Lohan, Kristen Cavallari, Eva Longoria, Demi Moore, Eva Pigford, Vanessa Minillo, , Virginia Madsen, Debra Messing, Sophia Myles

Me: Which countries is Fidelity Jeans currently available in?

EUROPE: Germany, Italy, Luxemburg, France, U.K.
MIDDLE EAST: Dubai, Israel
ASIA: Japan, Indonesia

We hope to be moving even further into the international market in 2008!

Some photographs from FIDELITY


  1. these are truely cute but the next pair of jeans i am getting are the house de lux free your ass jeans… i love how original they are!!! they are fabulous- i think to enter the jeans market now you have to do something really different and while these look like a good fit- maybe theyre kind of plain

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