VF Arvind to have e-commerce retailing

Its good to know that more and more industries/companies are realising the power of the ‘New Media’ for marketing their products.
Whereas, in countries like US , e-commerce is almost considered a must by most of the retailers, in India, where the power of the net has yet to be tapped, its potential is being realised slowly and slowly by the marketers..
It gives a good feeling to know that VF Arvind is planning to go for an e-commerce site for its ,currently 7, VF brands (besides others like North Face etc which are to be added soon).

Selling established brands through the net is probably the least problematic as the consumers are aware of the prices , fits ,styles etc .All they need to know is the style and size they like and its easy to order through the net . It is particularly true for the Indian consumer, who is notorious for ‘hand feeling’ the products a number of times before purchasing.

However, backup operations and the service support are critical for the success of the e-commerce project.
The experience of VF Corp would come in handy for Arvind in this regard as they have been retailing online since a long time..

However, it would be most interesting to see the day when Arvind does retail its own brands through the net and makes them a success…

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