Can Stretch Denim Become A Trend For Men In India

We have seen various kinds of denims being worn by Men/Boys in India. These started from 14.5oz heavy denims initially to Multi-Counts and Slub denims in the 12-13oz range currently. The Denim fabrics have undergone a great metamorphosis in terms of their structures ,looks, feels and washes..

Though all these changes have been readily accepted by the Indian male, I am still waiting for the next BIG TREND in MEN’s Jeans to pick up and that is the STRETCH FOR MEN. This trend has not yet picked up and we are yet to see men in India conciously asking for Stretch Denim.

Stretch Jeans have been typically associated with the women since they look for skin tight jeans enhancing their figures. Even this segment has been slow to pick in India due to conservativeness. But there is another feature of the Stretch that has not been fully exploited and that is COMFORT.

Men look for comfortesp the office goers.. However, they are not vocal in their demand for the same. But I personally think that there is a great potential of MEN’s STRETCH JEANS in India. Though there have been attempts by some brands to bring out Stretch Collections, but they have been more of an effort to fill the gaps rather than create a large new NICHE segment for sale..

So, if the Jeans producers in India are listening , please do your research and market Stretch Jeans as a BUSINESS CASUAL with Comfort fits . Such jeans are not expected to have the visual effects of a Stretch Jeans but only the comfort effects of the same…Stretch Denim for Men has a potential LATENT DEMAND.

Lets wait and watch who catches this oppurtunity in the best way

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