Tavex acquires denim manufacturin facilities in Mexico

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The Tavex Group of Spain(Madrid) – the famous denim company of Europe – which already owns manufacturing facilities in the city of Puebla in México, is working to expand its capacity through the acquisition of the denim manufacturing facilities of the company ACOTEX in Puebla and Tlaxcala . This will take the capacity of Tavex in Mexico to about 30 million metres pa.
"Our objective with this investment is to increase Denim production in the differentiated products segment (Authentic and Premium lines) in North America," comments Herbert Schmid – the CEO of Tavex.
Well, its a good move by Tavex since they must have bought these facilities at relatively easier prices due to the not so good condition of Denim.

It also shows that the Europeans are proving to be better at managing the Denim – especially since Denim has turned into a fashion product with lot of differentiation required. American companies had a better hold on denim when it was a basic product and few qualities could be produced in huge quantities.

However, we will see in the long run that this product will get shifted to Asia almost completely as the costs of productions go up in all European and American nations.

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