Denim Mills in USA – Struggling and Shutting Down. A review

The fascinating world of Denim is briefly highlited on a quick Mill Tour.
Fierce Middle East and Orient lower price on fabric and apparel manufacturing has forced some America Mills to shutdown.
When you go into the Mills facility the characteristic good smell of cotton dominates.
All Mills listed use Rope Dye process, will describe Open Yarn Dye process in some Puebla Mexico Mills.
Wich one is better, well : Cone and all below will tell you Rope Dyeing is the Best, but others will say Open Yarn Dye its better, really both are good and by the fabric looks its impossible to tell wich Dye process was used.
1.-Swiftgaley Yarn facility at Columbus Georgia represented the bloom of the Denim Mills in North America in the past Century, located in an old Downtown building, it was amazing how yarn was manufactured in different floor levels of the Old building, then truck carried to a Modern finish Plant nearby Downtown Columbus. Mill was shut a couple of years ago.
2.-White Oak , Conedenim s flagship Mill in Greensboro N.C. it is an appropiate layout to produce Denim, it is impressive by all means: contrasting its antique selvedge looms, its museum and modern state of the art Denim manufacture and expert knowledge its people has gotten thru the years.
3.-Mount Vernon Mills located in cute Trion Georgia, Denim Mill aside the Piece Died facility, impressive automated warehouse and truck loading, huge facility.
With a first quality Lodge in the Mill courts to receive its distinguished visitors.
4.-Avondale Mills, Eva Jane Plant in Sylacauga Alabama, another big Mill with a modern layout and state of the art Indigo Dye process.
This is another Mill Company that struggled after the 2005 train derrailment and chlorine spill in Graniteville plant. Avondale finally shut was shut down.

5.-ACG Mills -Lubbock Texas based :  located in Littlefield Texas. Mill thats setting a trend by acquiring Guatemala s giant jean operation: Koramsa now named Denimatrix
This looks like a good move from ACG, still need to see if brotherhood brings prosperity.
We all in the Denim world hope it does.

jorgeThis is a guest post by Jorge Esparza of Mexico . He started on the Denim Jean manufacturing in 1995 in the Torreon Mexico area, once considered a very important Denim mfg.hub. With over 4 years on the Sew floor knowledge and 5 years dealing with Denim fabric issues Jorge has visited most major Mexico and USA mills for quality review.

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  1. Having just set up my own jeans business, which is dedicated to designing jeans for taller women, I pride myself on having all jeans made in the USA and also being able to put made in the USA on the label. I focus on ready to wear and couture. Unfortunately american denim mills (even though they have the know how) are not producing denim of high standards such as kaihara in japan. If any denim mill produced denim to this high level I would use them for all of my projects. I really do not like saying made in the USA denim from Japan. I would rather have 100% made in the USA. I am open to hear if any mills would produce denim to the high end japanese standards, After all the Americans showed the Japanese how to make the denim this way in the first place. I will also save a fortune on shipping!!!! 🙂

  2. Roy,
    I represent a very good denim mill in Mexico(Global Denim) and they produce many weaves for the American market and sell in Calif., New York, Texas.
    Be happy to work with you if you want to submit to me a sample of what you need.
    I’ve been in the textile business in Dallas for 40 years.

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