Denim trend – Boyfriend Jeans

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This trend started late last year when some celebrities like Katie Holmes started to put on the jeans of their boyfriend (Tom Cruise). Others like Victoria Beckham were not to be left behind and followed up by wearing the jeans of their own boyfriends/hubbies.

The trend does not necessarily mean that girls should wear the jeans of their boyfriends . But the jeans have some characteristics which set them apart from other jeans like Skinny,Wide legged etc.

1. The jeans are loose and baggy – but not ill fitting.
2.They are ususally distressed but not necessarily so.
3.They are rolled up at the helms so that the feet are visible .
4.Usually worn with fancy high heeled sandals .
5. The jeans are usually worn by young girls.

Here are photographs of some celebrities wearing Boyfriend Jeans:

katie holmes denim boyfriend jeans
Katie Holmes
victoria beckham boyfrien jeansdenim
Victoria Beckham

Other Celebrities Wearing Boyfriend Jeans
Other Celebrities Wearing Boyfriend Jeans

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