Latest Emerging Denim Trends – Google Helps

We all know how to use Google search to find various information that we are looking for. Google has now become a way of life and it is increasingly becoming so by adding new services to their portfolio of existing services.

Google Insights provides information on recent searches related to your keyword . This is a great way to see which areas of your topic are becoming more popular with searchers. So Ilets see how it can help us to find ‘Denim Trends’

Look at the chart below . It shows the searches related to ‘Denim’ in last 90 days which have experienced the highest growth. Since this is a dynamically embedded chart, it will keep on updating automatically and show the latest popular searches related to denim. Since these results may include any kind of search related to denim , we need to sort out the ‘Trends’ out of the results.
As on the date of writing this post,  we can see that  ‘Lee National Day’ and ‘National Denim Day’ are popular searches currently. However, if we look further , we will find that ‘ Denim Leggings’ is a very popular search term which clearly shows that it is of increasing interest . We had also already mentioned in a previous post that Denim Leggings IS a cool denim trend.

Another interesting search term coming up in popularity is ‘Double Denim’ . Though double denim is considered anathema by most fashionistas around the world, it seems to be catching up a bit. In the coming weeks, as we observe this chart, we can see the shifting position of various search tersm in relation to one another – so bookmark this page and check again . My feeling is that ‘Denim Legging’ would come up to the top of the list in a few weeks..

Here is another chart for the searches on ‘Denim Leggings’ .This rising graphs shows the increasing searches on ‘Denim Leggings’ indicating consumer interest in this product. It is also interesting to note that the most searches for ‘Denim Leggings’ originate from US and the UK

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