Skinny Jeans coming back?

If we go by the dressing of some Celebrities in Hollywood, it looks like Skinny Jeans (skin tight jeans) with high heels are coming back. Nicole Ritchie and Hillary Duff have been spotted recently in these skinny jeans alongwith some other celebrities.

  1. The denim fabrics falling under this catagory are of 8 to 10 oz stretches. The fabrics having very high stretchability, very less widthwise residual shrinkage and very less growth. The recovery after stretch is very important for this kind of denim garment as it faces maximum stress during movement and there are many chances of generating begginess if the growth is high. With less growth/good recovery the denim garment achieve very good stretchability with very clean surface keeping the structure unmearged.
    Alpesh Patel
    Manager, Product Development
    Arvind Limited

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