Download Denim Thread Consumption And Thread Cost Garment Calculators


AneCalc is a tool developed by American & Efird to assist in estimating the thread consumption and cost per thread cost per jeans / garment alongwith the number of cones one needs for a given programme. The tools are the in the form of a an excel spreadsheet and one has to just enter basic information to get the consumption and costs.

There are basically three AneCalc spreadsheets.

Lightweight : 2- 4 oz weight fabrics.

Medium weight : 5-8 oz fabrics.

Heavy Weight : 9 –15 oz fabrics.

The weight of the fabric determines the ratio of  needle to bottom thread on the thread consumption table.

For each sewing operation on the garment , you will need to list the name of the sewing operation, what ISO stitch type is being used , how many rows of stitches are there , the Stitches per inch , and the length of the seam .

When you download the spreadsheets, you will find different tabs as shown below


Chose the ‘New Help Guide’ to understand how to use this tool and ISOStitches to understand different kind of stitches. The actual working is done on the ‘Worksheet’.  You can change the name of the threads that you use under column ‘M’ of the worksheet.

Download the calculators

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